Web Conversion Tips | Make Your Website Work For You: Essential Elements Of A High Converting Website

Web Conversion Tips | Make Your Website Work For You: ...

Web Conversion Tips | As we see more and more small businesses move their services online, and even more that begin their life on the Internet, a greater need arises for websites that are designed and built to sell. A great-looking website may accomplish the goal of shaping and delivering a strong brand, but its good looks alone aren’t enough to sell the products or services you are offering. There are a lot of websites on the Internet, but only a few of them are bringing real profit to their owners.

Web Conversion Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Presenting business products and services online is not the only goal of a website. The design and layout of a tailored website that converts visitors to paying clients tops the list for marketing your business, and business owners who don’t budget for a top quality, high performance and conversion-optimized website will lose out valuable leads. The conversion tips below won’t exponentially increase clicks to your website or push it to the top of search results. However, they will help make the most of traffic that comes your way, which is often more important than quantity.

Make The User’s Life Easy | Web Conversion Tips

Let’s start with something that sounds simple, but is often too complex for many small business owners to get right. Make it easy for visitors to find the information they want. Use short obvious pathways to action and build your website layout accordingly. Confusing navigation layouts will result in people quitting a page rather than trying to figure it out. How your website is laid out will not only affect usability by website visitors but also by the search engines. The more difficult you make your website to use, the less people will do business with you.

Web Conversion Tips | Make Your Website Work For You: ...

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Make Your Customers Feel Safe | Web Conversion Tips

Most people are still cautious when making purchases online, and rightly so. There are plenty of people you really shouldn’t give your credit card information to! Anytime your website and your visitors are exchanging info, trust and credibility is vital. A poor design gives off an unprofessional feeling. If a business owner can’t afford a decent website, or refuses to spend the money on it, how can a potential client be sure their order will be treated with the importance it deserves?

Show Your Product | Web Conversion Tips

You’re selling a product or service, so make sure that you clearly showcase that product or service on your homepage. If you’re selling products and your visitors will buy the products online, you have to make sure that the product photos – or graphical images and descriptions – are clean, crisp and appropriate. You can have a great website design, but if your product images look terrible, your potential clients will think twice about doing business with you.

Give Visitors Breathing Room | Web Conversion Tips

Create enough space between your paragraphs and images so the visitor has space to breathe and is more able to digest all of the features your website and business have to offer. The majority of Internet users will do a quick scan of your website before they are convinced that it is worth reading. This means that you should emphasize through the use of bold, colored, underlined text, and appropriate headings the high points of the website.

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Web Conversion Tips | Make Your Website Work For You: ...

Use Color Strategically | Web Conversion Tips

The choice of background color and font has to be very wise: test it first. Then try to give a website the most user friendly look you can with the help of the chosen color. Using a mostly neutral color palette can help your website project an elegant, clean and modern appearance. Employing small dashes of color for headlines or key graphics helps guide visitors to your most important content. It is also vital to use a color palette that complements your logo and is consistent with your other marketing materials.

Web Conversion Tips | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Tell Them What To Do | Web Conversion Tips

In order to convert website visitors to paying clients, you need to make your offering clear and enticing. We can’t emphasize this enough: your call to action has to be visible and clear. Everything should be either subordinate to – or supportive of – elements that enable visitors to take the action you want them to. Make them want to buy the product or service right now. If they don’t click, call or order then you’ve failed in your mission.

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