Web Design Manual | The Perfect Small Business Website: A Myth Or Reality?

Web Design Manual | The Perfect Small Business Website: ...

Web Design Manual | When it comes to marketing a small business, it is vitally important to build a prominent online presence. And for that, having a website is a must. If you don’t have a website for your startup or small business, you are not the only one. You are, however, in grave danger to fall further behind your competition. While it can be a challenging task, it is far from being impossible for a small business to look BIG online. Being a small business does not necessarily mean that the expectations for a quality web design should be lowered – it’s quite the opposite. For many businesses, a website is the only source of business. If designed well, it can be a major part of yours as well.

Web Design Manual | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Of all of the tools in the small business owner’s marketing arsenal, the website is one of the most effective. A well designed website can be the critical difference that makes a visitor decide to stay, browse and buy instead of moving on. Even brick-and-mortar stores can benefit from a website that showcases their inventories and helps potential clients find their locations. As a small business owner, you want your website to be found, build trust, and inspire the next step. To help you design a website that achieves those goals, we’ve put together five small business web design tips that will finally help you get calls and emails from potential clients.

Keep It Simple | Web Design Manual

When a potential client lands on your website, they decide within the first five seconds if they’re going to stick around or hit the back button and look elsewhere. One of the biggest reasons visitors leave a website is the lack of user friendliness, so make sure that your website is easy to use and well organized. It has been proven time and time again – people don’t like websites that have too much clutter or require endless clicking to find information. Much like a well-organized shop, a simple and clear website design enables visitors to find whatever they are looking for.

Web Design Manual | The Perfect Small Business Website: ...

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Simplify The Navigation | Web Design Manual

Navigation is another crucial element of an effective website. After all, it’s how visitors find things on your website, so make sure to make things as accessible as possible. On a desktop website, internet users are used to seeing navigation at the top, or on the left. Placing it somewhere else would be like putting the contents page of the book randomly in the middle. Think about it: if your potential clients can’t find your products, how are they supposed to make a purchase?

Content Is Still Important | Web Design Manual

You probably already know that search engines rank web pages based on the quality of content. The more content you have on your website the more the search engines can scan – but there is more to it then that: your visitors like content as well. Many people measure a web site´s success by the number of visitors it gets, so you need to ask yourself why should people visit your website? Your job is to make sure that whatever copy you’re putting up on your website, is interesting, appeals to your potential clients, and actually reads well. Not taking care of things like the copy of your website is a serious sign that you don’t care about other elements of your business either.

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Web Design Manual | The Perfect Small Business Website: ...

Selling A Product? Better Make Sure It Looks Good | Web Design Manual

If you are trying to sell a product or a service, you want to make it look as good as possible. Many small business owners use professional imagery to highlight what they are selling. This may be the closest a potential client gets to your product before they decide to buy – or not to buy. Even a multi-million dollar vacation resort will not look good if the imagery is amateurish.

Web Design Manual | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Write With Calls To Action In Mind | Web Design Manual

Website visitors likely won’t work too hard to figure out how they can do business with you, and they shouldn’t have to. Include visible call to action buttons throughout your website so visitors can take the next step and convert to subscribers or even paying clients. Calls to action are an element on a website that interrupts the visitor’s experience to encourage an action you want them to perform. Good calls to action enable visitors to quickly decide what they want to do next. Having a big sale? Don’t just set up a banner that says “50% off all products.” Write one that says “50% off all products, CLICK HERE to view them.”

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