Web Design Tips 2014 | Essential Principles for Good Web Design

Web Design Tips 2014 | Essential Principles for Good Web Design...

Web Design Tips 2014 | Getting your business online is one of the greatest things you can do to grasp new and potential clients. A website is the midpoint of your marketing world. It’s a place where general public can visit your business 24 hours a day to learn about the services you deliver. But what makes a successful website? How can you get clients past the home page? What do you feature on your website? Getting a general public to your website is a project in itself, but getting them to stay there and take part once they arrive is the hardest part. A successful website is a website with lots of visitors for which you provide the information or amusement they are looking for. If you create a website that people want to visit because it offers them something, then the rest will follow – money, reputation and authority. Whether you are starting from scratch or just trying to improve the website that you already have, the following are essential principles that you and every other website owner should follow.

Web Design Tips 2014 | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Know Your Viewers | Web Design Tips 2014

By providing to a particular group’s interests and tastes, a website can keep its viewers interested for longer and get them ‘hooked’ – once engaged with your website’s content, a person is much more likely to continue all the way to buying a product or service from you, rather than simply glancing at the home page before deciding they’ve had enough. Targeting a website to the right audience is actually a very-overlooked part of web design. For example, a website expecting a lot of traffic from elderly people will not want to go with a text-heavy design full of rich media content.

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Web Design Tips 2014 | Essential Principles for Good Web Design...

Ensure Your Website is Easy to Use | Web Design Tips 2014

Websites that are easy to comprehend and that are easy to use present a real pleasure. You can find what you need, and can do what you went there to do in the first place. This translates, for the website owner or business, into sales, payments, and everything else the website is intended to achieve. Visitors should have a general indication of what they should find on a page even before clicking any directional link. Think through your web pages’ structure so that it all makes sense in a logical movement. That way, when clients visit your website, they will have an easier time navigating to the information on your website that is most relevant to them.

Search Engine Optimization | Web Design Tips 2014

Knowing how to accurately market your business through search engine optimization is virtually the only way to be found on the Internet. The goal when using SEO on a website is to get the traffic amplified and to appear on the first few pages of the search engine, and at the same time ensuring that the website stays in this position and comes ahead of the competition in the search engine results. Realize what keywords your clients use and then use these words on your website to improve your visibility in the search engines.

Better Calls-to-Action | Web Design Tips 2014

These simple and directed phrases are unswervingly responsible for encouraging your audience to take a next step toward becoming a loyal client. It’s important to give your Call to Action the weighting that it asks for and make it stand out on the page.

Quality Content | Web Design Tips 2014

One of the most effective and most reliable ways to increase the amount of traffic to your website is to offer more quality content. Developing and sharing quality content forms an immense amount of trust with customers. If clients see that your brand is sharing things that they care about, your business becomes something that consumers can relate to and believe in. With quality content, getting links is easier as anyone coming to your website is sure to find it valuable and put it in their site to add value for their customers. This way you get natural links. Attracting awareness and retaining reader interest is a challenge, specially as you have just 10 seconds to grab attention with your web site content.

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Web Design Tips 2014 | Essential Principles for Good Web Design...

Web Design Tips 2014 | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Before selecting the background color of your website, spend some time and think what color your end-users would favor. When choosing a color scheme for a website, it is imperative to do it right, guided by the main principles of the color theory and of course, follow professional advices. Color is best used when integrated throughout the business, making appearances in the logo, landing pages, websites, products and more to guarantee maximum continuity.

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