Web Design Trends Explained | 6 Sizzling Hot Web Design Trends To Look Out For In August

Web Design Trends Explained | 6 Sizzling Hot Web Design Trends To ...

Web Design Trends Explained | There’s no scientific formula to effective design because it can be considered more of an art than a clear-cut science. However, there are many recognizable patterns which seem to reappear time and again. These might be called popular design techniques but from an industry perspective many people refer to them as design trends. In 2014, the biggest web design trends included: grid layouts, flat design, background images, and the increasing capabilities of HTML5 APIs. So which trends, technologies and techniques will define web design for the rest of 2015?

Web Design Trends Explained | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

2015 has inherited a lot of trends from previous years, there’s been a steady evolution of ideas — flat design into material design for example — but nothing as revolutionary as responsive design. However, we are starting to see trends that feel fresh, either through new approaches or because they’re genuinely new ways of solving old problems. If you haven’t redesigned your website in a few years, you might want to consider an update. Just make sure it includes these top features.

Focus On Simplicity | Web Design Trends Explained

There is an idea that a design is complete when all of the non-essential elements have been removed. In 2015, we might be seeing more of this idea come into fruition as web designers look to find ways to simply their designs by removing any design element that’s not absolutely necessary. The web is a crowded and noisy place. You can see a lot of websites getting rid of everything that’s non-essential in order to have the cleanest and easiest-to-read website possible that offers a memorable and enjoyable browsing experience.

Web Design Trends Explained | 6 Sizzling Hot Web Design Trends To ...

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Truly Interactive Storytelling | Web Design Trends Explained

There’s a lot of buzz online at the moment about how businesses need to tell better stories in order to engage with their visitors and potential clients. The problem is, while this advice is generally great, it also places a lot of pressure on business owners to try to work out what their story is and how to effectively tell it. Expect more companies in 2015 to adapt storytelling in the design of their product and services pages to get step up on their competitors.

Card-Based Design | Web Design Trends Explained

Content has to be able to fit on different types and sizes of screens, and cards are the easiest way to make that work across various platforms. Tiles work well in responsive layouts and, at the same time, remain an appealing way of forming impressive layouts. If sticking to tiles becomes too boring, the layout may be pushed further with irregular zigzag edges, pushing objects or bringing the text across the edges.

Responsive Design | Web Design Trends Explained

The year 2015 will finally see the shift where more people are browsing on mobiles rather than on traditional computers, which makes responsive design more important than ever before. Think about it, if you cannot easily browse a website on your device, you are not likely to come back to it. At the end of the day, the responsive or mobile-friendly version of your website can easily double your traffic as people will be empowered to access your website any time anywhere.

Richer Backgrounds | Web Design Trends Explained

One of the most underused components in web design is the background. Many website owners are happy to have a simple dark font on a white background (or vice versa) and let the copy do the talking. However, you’re missing a vital opportunity to really grab your visitors’ attention and keep them around longer. Video background is the ultimate experience portraying emotions, intentions and tells way more than any picture background. We saw this trend rise quickly in 2014 but the real peak will be in 2015.

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Web Design Trends Explained | 6 Sizzling Hot Web Design Trends To ...

Scrolling Over Clicking | Web Design Trends Explained

If you’ve been browsing the web at all this year, then you’ve probably noticed the trend of web pages getting longer and longer. This has to do with more fluid scrolling, and the way users actually read across the web. Apple led the way with its iPhone 6 page, which showed how it’s possible to include tons of information on a single page in an appealing and compelling manner. As web users have shifted predominantly from using desktop computers to smartphones and tablets, or at least adding the latter to their arsenal, it’s become easier simply to scroll, instead of clicking small links to navigate from page to page.

Web Design Trends Explained | Website Design – www.medianovak.com

Staying On Top Of The Trends | Web Design Trends Explained

While you definitely don’t want simply to imitate what everyone else is doing, it’s useful to stay on top of what successful designers are doing and learn from their techniques and strategies, adapting your website to a trend or two. These web design trends we mentioned are very popular right now and certainly worth thinking about for your future redesign.

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