Website Branding Tips | How To Stop Designing Websites And Start Designing Brand Experiences

Website Branding Tips | How To Stop Designing Websites ...

Website Branding Tips | If you own a small business, you will need a great website with all the information your clients and visitors are looking for. The design has to catch and hold the visitor’s attention, and then motivate an interaction, be it in the form of a purchase, comments on your blog, or sharing via social media networks. If you want your business website to be efficient, stellar web design is not enough. The design also should convey your brand identity. When you design a website, you have to make sure that the colors, the content, the images, and everything else is aimed towards most efficient representation of your brand.

Website Branding Tips | Website Design –

Branding your small business website requires a lot of effort that will help build the solid foundation of your marketing strategy. With so many tasks needed to complete the overall branding, chances are that you will overlook one or two vital things. We gathered a few essential branding tips for your website to get you started. With these web design tips, you will leave a great impression on your visitors, and maybe even convert them into paying clients.

Be Consistent | Website Branding Tips

To build a successful brand you have to make it memorable. What do you do to make people remember things? You repeat them. Make sure every piece of marketing material is like a member of the same family. Consistency throughout your website design will build on the choices you’ve made earlier regarding the right personality for the brand, and evoking the appropriate reactions. Keep colors, visuals and typography consistent throughout in order to make sure your website conveys a uniformed brand.

Website Branding Tips | How To Stop Designing Websites ...

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Logo Design | Website Branding Tips

It is amazing how many business owners will skimp on logo design. There’s no overstating how important a good logo is for branding, and therefore for effective website design. When you have a well-designed logo that represents your business, it will help boost brand recognition down the road. Your logo is a critical part of your brand, so make sure it’s located prominently on your website. Use a high-resolution image, and place it in the upper left corner of each of your pages. However, position is only one element — size is also important. Make sure your logo is big enough to be the second or third thing that people will notice when they enter your website.

Colors | Website Branding Tips

Make sure that fonts and colors on your site complement your brand. The choice of a color palette is very important in branding, because color isn’t just about aesthetics — it creates various emotions, and carries subconscious associations to different meanings and characteristics. When choosing a color for your brand, research its effects and associations to see if it is the right fit for the type of things your brand represents. You should also keep in mind that different cultures may associate the same colors with different things, so it’s wise to check that your colors mean what you think they do in the markets you’re doing business in.

Content | Website Branding Tips

If you want your brand to stand out as being great and professional, to have meaning and give out a certain feel, then you need high-quality content to show it. Eye-catching images, interesting and valuable information, and anything original and credible will fit the bill. Make your blog posts appropriate for your target audience and their needs. Don’t get too pushy with advertising your product or service. Your blog posts should inspire your audience, or solve a problem.

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Website Branding Tips | How To Stop Designing Websites ...

Unique Selling Proposition | Website Branding Tips

Whether you’re a consultant, landscaper or an online retail store owner, you should have a clear unique selling proposition. To figure this out, you must be able to determine what sets your company apart from your competition. In a few words explain exactly what benefit your website provides to the visitor, so that they’ll know not only what your website is about, but why they should stay on it. It should preferably be located next to the site’s logo so that when a new visitor reads the title of the site or business they’ll follow on to the value proposition.

Website Branding Tips | Website Design –

Character | Website Branding Tips

Does your brand have character? Infusing your brand with a little personality can help you define what it stands for. Ask yourself, “What theme do I want my brand to be known for?”. It may be professional or casual. It really depends on the status of your brand, and mostly on your target market. Many people in commercialized societies use products and brands to define themselves, so shape your brand’s character towards something which your audience will like to associate themselves with.

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