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Website Design Checklist | Check Yourself Before You Wreck ...

Website Design Checklist | Search engine optimization is vital, as most visitors use a search engine to find your website. But once they get there, they have to be able to actually navigate the website, and understand the content. Otherwise, your website is a waste of their time. Whether you’re working on a portfolio website, or an online store, making your pages simple and appealing to your potential clients is crucial. When you make a website easier to use, users are more likely to stick around, get engaged with your brand, and more likely to help you accomplish your goals.

Website Design Checklist | Website Design –

Who said it is that simple to design, build, and maintain great websites that are both appealing and effective? Surely, there is a million of ways to do that, but also a million of ways to fail. It doesn’t matter how cool your website looks, or how amazing your content is if visitors can’t quickly, easily, and enjoyably access and use it. Many of them will eventually just give up and look elsewhere. Have you gone through a website checklist to review your website in the last few months?

Websites Should Load Within 3 Seconds | Website Design Checklist

Can you remember how frustrating it is when a web page takes forever to load? Sure you can, but can you remember ever complaining that a website loaded too quickly? Speed of your website is an increasingly important factor. This is particularly vital, because this is one of the criteria that Google uses when it ranks a website. To optimize your loading time, you may have to reduce image sizes, remove invalid content loaded, and much more.

Website Design Checklist | Check Yourself Before You Wreck ...

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The Critical Actions Are Clear Within 5 Seconds | Website Design Checklist

If users can’t figure out what it is that you do, or why they should stay on your website within 5 seconds, they’re going to leave. The idea here is to make the website simple, clear, and understandable without too much thinking. Users should know where to click, and where to go to get what they want instinctively, without too much reasoning. A primary call-to-action on a page should stand out from the design of your website, and be placed near the top of every page. Don’t make it hard for your visitors to find the primary calls-to-action!

Your Logo Should Be Easy To Find And Link To The Homepage | Website Design Checklist

Put your logo where it’s easy to find, and that generally means the upper-left part of every page. Visitors expect it, and they like it when you make their lives easy. This may sound minor, but visitors also expect logos to link back to homepage, and when they don’t, confusion ensues. The logo, or just a text link, doesn’t have to be huge, but it has to stand out from the rest of the images and design of the website. Keep in mind that placing ads around, or near the logo can get in the way of users, as well as designs where the logo isn’t noticeable.

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Website Design Checklist | Check Yourself Before You Wreck ...

It Should Be Easy To Find The Contact Us Link | Website Design Checklist

We can’t stress enough that most vital business detail is contact information — which is why it should have its own page. The contact page should have your contact information, not just a contact form. This is particularly important on websites which require financial transactions, such as selling a product, or service. When you put an email address or a phone number on the website, don’t upload this information as part of an image — the number or address should be able to be clicked on or copied. Most smartphones these days enable users to click on a number to call, so make the process as simple as possible for your visitors to reach you.

Website Design Checklist | Website Design –

Make The Text Easy To Read | Website Design Checklist

It’s easy to get caught up in the big design elements of a website, especially flashy graphics, making it just as easy to overlook the design of the most vital element of a website: the text. Dark-gray on light-gray may seem stylish, but no one is going to strain their eyes in order to read your blog. Eyes and monitors vary wildly, so keep your text contrast high. Text should also be large enough to be read easily. No one should have to squint to read it.

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