Website Design Expert Advice | Less Is More! 6 Tips To Simplify Your Website

Website Design Expert Advice | Less Is More! 6 Tips To Simplify You...

Website Design Expert Advice | No matter how many articles on web design you read, what you’ll read in almost every one of them is that simple websites are more effective. And it’s for good reason – simple websites not only load more quickly, but they’re also easier to navigate and they are more likely to boost conversions, whether your goal is making a sale, booking a session, or growing the number of newsletter subscribers. Yet, you’d be surprised how many business owners choose to publish cluttered websites that only overwhelm their potential clients.

Website Design Expert Advice | Website Design –

More websites than you think are far more complex than they need to be. We don’t mean complex in terms of functionality, but in terms of all the random design elements and redundant content you are confronted with on a single page. So, to help you set up a website that will be a powerful marketing tool without overwhelming your visitors, we gathered some of the simplest tips to simplify your website. Let’s get started!

Focus On Essential Elements Only | Website Design Expert Advice

You probably already have a few ideas for your website, but before you kick off the design process, you’ll want to make sure you’re not cluttering your design trying to stand out and leave a memorable impression on your potential clients. Take some time and go through your initial ideas and drafts and get rid of everything that’s not absolutely essential. This may include getting rid of long strings of text, ugly looking or unnecessary buttons, forms with too many fields, and arrows or text boxes which occupy white space and add nothing to the functionality of the website.

Website Design Expert Advice | Less Is More! 6 Tips To Simplify You...

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While this might sound like an obvious tip, you’d be surprised how many business owners throw random content on their landing pages that only overshadows the important information. We get it, it’s difficult to be objective and prioritize what’s important and what’s not, because everything seems essential, but you need to identify what needs to take the center stage and be in the center of attention, just like with any good visual design or piece of art.

Reduce The Number Of Pages | Website Design Expert Advice

If you identified the essentials, you’ll be able to determine what can stay on your website and what needs to go. From a MySpace icon to a tag cloud, there are elements that simply no longer belong on a website. Reducing the number of pages doesn’t necessarily mean just getting rid of the outdated or redundant content – you can also consider combining different pages. Do you really need two different about pages, one for your company, and the other one for you? No, you don’t!

Simplify Navigation | Website Design Expert Advice

People are used to certain things when it comes to web design, and featuring a navigation bar with the most important link at the top of each page is definitely one of those things. Your goal should be navigation that’s easy to understand and that enables your visitors to effortlessly go from one page to another. This will allow them to focus on the content of the page instead of trying to figure out how to navigate the website. Keep in mind that you can always include less important links in a secondary navigation bar or even a sidebar.

Limit The Number Of Colors And Fonts | Website Design Expert Advice

One of the simplest ways to turn a website into a cluttered mess is using random contrasting colors and bunch of fonts. Sure, your website will definitely stand out, but it will be for all the wrong reasons! To keep your website simple, effective and elegant, you’ll want to limit the number the colors you use to 2-3. The most effective website usually consistently use a shade of gray throughout the pages, along with the main branded color and one color for emphasis. Anything more, and you risk overwhelming your visitors.

The same goes for fonts as well. Human eye finds it difficult to scan multiple fonts at once, so you’ll want to make sure you’re not using more than 3 fonts for your website, one for the main copy, one for the headings, and one for calls to action and your logo. Another important thing to keep in mind when fonts are considered is readability! Website copy is probably not the place for you to use that complex calligraphic font you fell in love while browsing Pinterest late last night. Stick with simple, readable fonts and make the reading experience enjoyable.

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Website Design Expert Advice | Less Is More! 6 Tips To Simplify You...

Place Important Content Above The Fold | Website Design Expert Advice

“Above the fold” is a term used to describe the area of the web page that’s visible to the visitor without scrolling. A lot of research has been done on effectiveness of websites, and most of them found that people spend most of the time in this particular area, which means you’ll want to include the most important content and calls to actions above the fold to boost your website’s effectiveness. To make sure this area doesn’t get too cluttered, make sure you include only important information, but you can also consider reducing the header height if you have a logo and a navigation menu at the top of your website.

Website Design Expert Advice | Website Design –

It’s All About The Visitor | Website Design Expert Advice

Put yourself in your visitor’s shoes and figure out what you would be looking for if you were visiting your website. What information, content and features will your potential clients be looking for? Then, ensure your pages provide your visitors with what is necessary and nothing more. Don’t keep unnecessary pages on your website because you think you need to, or because other websites have them.

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