Website Design Secrets | 6 Design Tips That Will Have Your Audience Licking Their Screens

Website Design Secrets | 6 Design Tips That Will Have Your...

Website Design Secrets | Thanks to Google and various government statistics we know that about 50 percent of businesses do not have a website. We find this shocking. When it is such an easy thing to do, why isn’t that number closer to 100 percent? The Internet has proved a powerful equalizer for small businesses. But small business owners can’t just build websites nowadays – they have to build great ones that truly capture viewers and turn them into paying customers. The quality of your site is often a measure of the quality of your business.

Website Design Secrets | Website Design –

Logo | Website Design Secrets

Have a polished, professional logo – and link it to your home page. Your logo is a crucial part of your brand, so make sure it’s placed prominently on your website. Branding through a logo is part of the emotional experience you want users to have when they come in contact with your company. Designing a logo is an essential investment and should be a high priority budget item.

Simplicity | Website Design Secrets

Simplicity in the interface and visual design of your website will push your services to the surface, where they should be. While you can certainly have a site that’s visually interesting and aesthetically appealing, it needs to complement your work and help push it to the forefront of your potential clients’ minds. If it doesn’t do that, then it’s not helping your business or your art.

Website Design Secrets | 6 Design Tips That Will Have Your...

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Navigation | Website Design Secrets

One of the most important steps in good website design is nailing down the navigation. Put some real thought into website design, so customers can navigate it easily. Make sure all important sections are prominently listed. Link as many pages as you can into the main navigation bar, instead of having subpages from pages. A clear structure, moderate visual clues and easily recognizable links can help users to find their path to their aim.

The best of your work | Website Design Secrets

Take a step back, and curate your best work. Your website is like a living CV: the content on it should be up-to-date and make it clear to people what you can do. It’s a way to demonstrate your professionalism and talents, so make sure that you show off new projects and skills as soon as they’re ready for the world to see. Take the time to look at all of your work and carefully choose the right pieces for your portfolio. Display only the projects that you are really proud of and that look the best. Be selective. You water down your best work when you provide too many work samples. Plus, you’ll lose potential clients’ interest if you require endless clicking and scrolling.

Size | Website Design Secrets

Make sure your photos are the right size. Remember, the web is pixel based. So if your photo isn’t large enough it’s going to look pixelated. To some extent thumbnails can be a necessity in web design – the confined screen size means that if we are to get a lot of information on the page, we need to reduce box sizes. But a compromise can be achieved between space and photo, so that the visitor can get an overall view of the work and then make an informed decision about the projects they like. You will never pique anyone’s curiosity with a tiny thumbnail, because no one, bar none, likes small thumbnail images.

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Website Design Secrets | 6 Design Tips That Will Have Your...

Consistency | Website Design Secrets

Ensure consistency by selecting colors and fonts that complement your brand and ensure they are maintained on all pages. Maintaining the same look on the website and mirroring it in promotional materials will reinforce your brand identity. Using a mostly neutral color palette can help your site project an elegant, clean and modern appearance. Text is also important. It’s there to provide information and answer questions even before they’ve been asked. With that said – don’t make your readers squint to read it. Use complementary colors that make your text easily readable. Clashing colors such as red text on a blue background make text too hard to read and turn off visitors.

Website Design Secrets | Website Design –

HTML5 | Website Design Secrets

Forget Flash. Use HTML5, instead. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML – the markup language used to display websites. HTML5 is gaining more support on the Web, with search-engine friendly text and the ability to function on many of the popular mobile operating systems without requiring a plug-in. Half the world can’t view Flash anymore. It’s time to move on.

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