Website Design Tips | Get More Business From Your Website: Design Tips To Give Your Photography Business A Boost

Website Design Tips | Get More Business From Your Website

Website Design Tips | For any business owner, the one single website metric that overrides all others in significance is conversion rate. Conversion rates mean business. Professional and amateur photographers compete in a useless race of making a flashier website to stand out, ignoring the simple fact that it’s not the pretty flash intro, or the fancy background illustration that will get them more clients. A great-looking website may accomplish the goal of building and delivering a strong brand, but its good looks alone aren’t enough to sell the services on offer. To convert, you have to get more than a few things right.

Website Design Tips | Website Design –

Did you know that business owners that take on a planned approach towards conversion optimization are twice as likely to see a large increase in sales? Designing websites aimed for success is difficult. But surely there must be more you can do to improve your website’s conversion potential, even after you’ve got all the conversion basics down pat… right? Absolutely! However, it requires a lot of planning, testing, and data analysis. Read on to learn about six different ways you can boost your website’s ability to convert.

Foster Usability | Website Design Tips

Is your website intuitive and user friendly? Those are the key design aspects affecting conversion. Usability is measured in terms of the ease with which your visitors can perform tasks on the website, and the speed with which they can do it. If your website portfolio is too hard to use, your potential clients will be easily turned off, and this will spark more negative feelings towards your work. Rethink your navigation, making it as simple and natural as possible. Make the navigation easy so people can focus on your photography without being distracted by trying to figure out how to use the website.

Website Design Tips | Get More Business From Your Website

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Keep Things Simple And Clean | Website Design Tips

Your images are supposed to be the star of the show, so don’t clutter the website up with useless design elements. If people notice the design of a website over the photography it showcases, that’s a problem. Embracing things like flat design and white space can do wonders for your website conversion performance. Try to keep everything simplistic or even minimal with only your most important content, like your work and calls to action spotlighted. Sometimes less really is more.

Always Provide Next Actions | Website Design Tips

ABC: Always Be Closing. This doesn’t mean filling every page with big “Buy Now” buttons; it means when your potential client is ready to buy, or sign up for your newsletter, they shouldn’t have to look around for the right link. However, be careful where you place your calls to action. If you place it above the fold, it is too soon to ask the visitor to make a decision. If you place it at the end of the page, it is too late.

Prevent Choice Paralysis | Website Design Tips

There is a phenomenon in marketing known as choice paralysis. Choice paralysis happens when the visitor is given too many options. What frustrates most internet users is seeing multiple options on a landing page, and not being able to decide which one they should be using. If you have all “Sign up for a free trial,” “Watch a video,” and “Learn more” buttons side by side, a visitor is bound to get confused about which one to choose.

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Website Design Tips | Get More Business From Your Website

The Bandwagon Effect | Website Design Tips

An experiment conducted in 1969 showed that people tend to follow trends and mimic the actions of others around them. When you’re designing a website for conversion, use the bandwagon effect to your advantage. Show people who else has signed up for your newsletter, how many people are following you on Twitter. Consider the various ways you can add some social proof to your marketing assets to drive conversions. You could also experiment with testimonials at the bottom of your landing pages. Never underestimate the importance of using your past clients to create a series of testimonials that act as a continual marketing machine.

Website Design Tips | Website Design –

Make It Easy For Your Visitors To Contact You | Website Design Tips

Regardless of how good your work is, if your potential client can’t get in touch with you, you’re not getting any work. It’s really simple for you to add contact details to your website. Whether it’s a separate contact page, a phone number on every page, or an email address in the footer, finding your contact information should be a breeze for your visitors.

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