Website Design Trends | The Future Of Small Business Websites Is Already Here! Essential Guide To Understanding And Adapting To The Latest Trends

Website Design Trends | The Future Of Small Business Web...

Website Design Trends | When it comes to marketing your business, it is crucial these days you make sure you have a prominent online presence. And for that, having an effective website is an absolute must. When designing a website for your small business, you have to consider the full spectrum of possibilities that the internet provides you with. Done boldly, you can push the limits of visitor engagement and interaction, especially if you’re a part of an edgier industry.

Website Design Trends | Website Design –

Never forget that you only have one opportunity to leave a first impression. Your company’s website plays a vital role in making that first impression of your brand, so the last thing you want is to have a website that makes you look outdated. Whether your niche is photography, fitness, finance, relationship advice or even cat memes, knowing what’s hot and what’s not in web design is critical. Remember: If you don’t know these white hat tricks, some of your competition surely will.

Go Responsive, Or Go Home! | Website Design Trends

It was not that long ago that you would choose if you were going to set up a website that was mainly for desktops and laptops, or if you would also build a separate website for mobile devices so that those using smartphones and tablets could view you page. Responsive design is a way of designing a single website that intuitively adapts to any screen size, providing an enjoyable browsing experience and ensuring optimal readability. Giving a website an almost tactile or interactive feel can get a visitor interested in even something that might not necessarily be thrilling, such as tools like retirement calculators.

Website Design Trends | The Future Of Small Business Web...

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Hide The Navigation Bar | Website Design Trends

By uncluttering the screen, designers can maximize space to deliver content. Navigation menus that slide in or are activated by a roll-over or click are making a return to websites, especially on mobile devices where every pixel of the screen real estate counts. An expandable “hamburger” menu is a popular new trend for modern website navigation. The stacked three-line icon looks great on desktop computers and mobile devices with one-click for full navigation expansion with some nice animation.

Big Visuals Have A Big Impact | Website Design Trends

“Make it big” seems to be the single most important trend in web design today. This applies to both text and images, which can be combined to create a homepage that makes a strong impression. Super-sized image combined with some text is usually referred to as a “hero header” and can be used for landing pages or to create dramatic layouts throughout your website. You’re able to give users maximum impact as soon as they land on your website and it’s easier to code, so it works well on mobiles and desktop computers.

Immersive Video Content Is A Must | Website Design Trends

Videos will become even more compelling this year. The reason is simple: people like watching more than reading, and it’s much easier to tell your story and create emotion with motion graphics, even if its just a short video loop. There’s already been an upsurge in websites using video to promote their services; from infomercials to product demonstrations, websites are offering more visual content than ever to grab the attention of their visitors. With many people switching to broadband and faster online services, now is the time to deliver engaging video content.

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Website Design Trends | The Future Of Small Business Web...

Parallax Scrolling Helps Tell Your Story | Website Design Trends

The parallax effect has been around for quite sometime now, but it has become more popular in web design only recently. Web designers are using the effect in scrolling websites to add a sense of depth and and create 3D effects. While this technique has evolved into many different mutations, they all have one thing in common: designers use page scrolling or mouse movement to animate particular page elements to guide visitors through a narrative or a story line and keep them scrolling and clicking around.

Website Design Trends | Website Design –

Flat Design Continues To Reign! | Website Design Trends

Quite possibly the biggest trend in 2014, flat design will continue to be popular in 2015 because of its clean, simplified style perfect for mobile optimization. It’s still doing great and is going to stay for good – especially in smaller elements such as icons, menus and illustrations. Not only do these elements look great, but they are easily scaleable and manageable, thanks to icon font technology.

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