Website Improvement Tips | Improve Your Website by Creating a Better User Experience

Website Improvement Tips | Improve Your Website by Creating...

Website Improvement Tips | In order to build a successful website you have to design with the users in mind. Your website might look awesome, but does it really work for your users? It’s of crucial importance that your new visitors have a great user experience from the moment they find you in a search engine to the day after they made their initial visit. You have to imagine and think of your website as an extension of your business’ services. A business’ website has the ability to leave a strong and lasting impression on a customer – and whether that impression is good or bad can rely on a lot of factors.

We know a great website will convert better than a bad one with poor calls to action. Here are some ways we can improve the website user experience.

Website Improvement Tips | Website Design –

Speed | Website Improvement Tips

If your host takes too long to establish a connection and serve the page, the viewer might just abandon your site and move on to the next one in the search results list. Choosing proper hosting for your website is the first step in starting a successful online visibility. Hosting with a professional configuration can be of huge benefit. Users love fast sites. And businesses benefit from it: faster sites tend to have lower bounce rates, increased customer satisfaction and greater engagement. Making your own site faster is something you can quickly change today and is one of the best ways to improve user experience. One other thing is that, when using images, be sure to use the correct format for the image type. Different image file types (.gif, .jpg, .png) have different purposes depending on if you are displaying a photo, a graphic, an image with few colors, or an image that has many colors.

Website Improvement Tips | Improve Your Website by Creating...

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Website Improvement Tips

Search is far more customized than it once was. Your social media interaction, previous search keywords, frequently visited websites, and even some statistical analysis based on your age and gender all play a role in the results you see when you search. SEO is highly concentrated on generating traffic for your website. SEO provides you with better ranking and generate revenue and visibility on search engine results pages. But SEO also relies on quality content, page load times, and other segments that affect the user experience (UX).

Navigation | Website Improvement Tips

The majority of users don’t want to work to use the website, they will expect to see standard format. As much as we all would love to see innovative designs and navigation processes, the average user does not. If your navigation contains multiple sections, categories or sub-categories, these categories must be clearly and visually differentiated. Category headings must be divided visually from the sub-categories, even if the categories are the links themselves. Also, the use of actual text helps make your site more easily indexed. And again, it is what everyone looks for when they arrive on your landing page – words that tells us what to do.

Website Improvement Tips | Improve Your Website by Creating...

Website Improvement Tips | Website Design –

Simplify Pages | Website Improvement Tips

Simplicity in web design means how easily and efficiently your website can communicate the company messages. Simple web design means no clutter, readable fonts, clear navigation and simple logos. To get a better understanding of this you only need to think of websites that you visit every day. It is the look and the design of the website that will communicate to the user about the personality of your business. It is the duty of the web designer to give you a web layout that speaks for your business.

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