Website Improvement Tips | What Makes A Great Website?

Website Improvement Tips | What Makes A Great Website?...

Website Improvement Tips | When we talk about small-business marketing, a great website can be one of the most effective and cost-efficient marketing tools out there. There aren’t any magic pills to create a great website that everyone will visit again and again, but there are some smart strategies you can follow to make your website greater than it is. Some key things to concentrate on are making the site easy to use and as user-friendly as possible. A good website grabs your attention, evokes your emotions, and gives you easily what you need. A good website has magical content, is regularly updated, easy to use, and, finally, has a good visitor – customer conversion rate.

But creating such a website involves three very different kinds of skills – technical, visual, and editorial – and the three must always work together.

Website Improvement Tips | Website Design –

Simple Design | Website Improvement Tips

As the first thing potential customers come across when they visit your website, the homepage is typically the most important part of a small business’s web design. Make sure your homepage answers the most important questions new visitors will be asking. Writing for the web is not the same as writing for printing media. People skim online, especially when they first get to a website. You want the contents of your homepage to give them what they want quickly, but provide enough detail for those who want more than just the basics. The best websites out there offer simple and user friendly navigation. Visitors must find everything they need quick and easy. If users have to look around the site trying to find what they need they will get frustrated and leave.

Website Improvement Tips | What Makes A Great Website?...

Speed | Website Improvement Tips

Website speed is a critical component in the digital user experience, and it is hugely important in content – driven world. How often do you leave a page when it takes too long to load? Chances are that your customers and prospects are doing the same. People expect a fast user experience online, and when they don’t get it, they often leave. Whilst most people spend a decent amount of time and money on SEO and promotion, only a small fraction of them consider the reliability and speed of their website itself. Making a tiny saving on getting some cheap hosting may prove a false economy if you’re losing traffic due to a slow web server.

Match your Business’ Branding Carefully | Website Improvement Tips

Did you just update your logo or change your business colors? Make sure your brick and mortar experience matches your web experience. The portal of your brand will be a website that showcases your expertise, experience, professionalism and personality. Many site owners look for that unique look and feel that differentiates them from their competition. While your website design needs to reinforce your brand, it should never compromise your website’s usability.

Website Improvement Tips | What Makes A Great Website?...

Website Improvement Tips | Website Design –

Optimization | Website Improvement Tips

The greatest looking website is no good to anyone if it can’t be found. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your web page so that it comes up in search engine results for certain keywords. The better optimized your web page is, the higher up your search engine ranking will be. Make sure that you have good internal linking with your website, and make sure that all of your important pages can be reached from the home page with no more than 3 extra clicks. SEO will help bring visitors to the site. It is also crucial to consider that bringing relevant users plays a key role in the growth of a website.

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