Website Redesign Strategy | Never Redesign Your Website Without This Strategy!

Website Redesign Strategy | After browsing your website, you’ve realized that it just isn’t cutting it anymore. However, you soon realize that you are not sure how to go about fixing the problem. When you think about redesigning your website, it’s likely that the first thing that comes to your mind is overhauling the design. However, there are several factors to consider when redesigning that are far more vital than just aesthetics. There has to be real strategy behind what you’re trying to accomplish with your brand new look. And there are plenty of things you’ll have to prepare on the back end, before changing anything superficially in the front.

Website Redesign Strategy | Website Design –

Whether your website has been ignored for years, or it’s time for some new features, a website redesign is a really exciting time for your brand. It can, however, also be a bit overwhelming. Before you can begin thinking about mockups, layouts, and content for your new website, you have to set clear goals for your redesign. Even before hiring a web designer, there are several steps you can take on the front end to ensure smooth sailing.

Identify Past Setbacks And Future Goals | Website Redesign Strategy

The reason you are redesigning your website is to boost your business, not because you are bored of the design, or because you want it to be blue, and not green. So, decide which elements perform well on your current website, and focus on the things you should improve, and the results you want. You likely already have a set of clear business goal including revenue, number of clients, or conversion rates. One of the best ways to determine specific goals for your website is to base them around these business objectives. Consider what you’d like to achieve the most with your website redesign, and any technical elements, and details that may or may not need to be addressed such as navigation, menu, images, videos, or your blog.

Website Redesign Strategy | Never Redesign Your Website ...

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Do Extensive Research | Website Redesign Strategy

A good place to start your website redesign is to define the personas of your target audience. Along with the basics (such as age, gender, education, and income) you should also take into consideration more in-depth information such as where your clients shop, what other websites they visit, how often they buy your product, or service, and their current opinion of your brand.

Save Your Content, Keywords, And URLs | Website Redesign Strategy

Save all appropriate keywords that you’re using on your current website. This will come in handy when you continue with your SEO efforts. Unless you’re starting a business which provides unique services no one ever heard of, rest assured you’ll find a mountain of competition to battle with to rank highest for your targeted keywords. Making sure your website’s text includes popular keywords most likely to be typed into search engines means your website will rank higher in the search results on websites like Google.

It’s All About Fresh Content | Website Redesign Strategy

Content is considered the life blood of your website. Without content, your website simply wouldn’t be interesting. Review and refine your content. We bet you haven’t read any of your website pages in a long time. Compelling, valuable information is what draws your visitors, leads, and clients to your website. Consider rewriting or editing content so that it’s conversational, simple, and straightforward. Another important element to take into consideration when redesigning a website is imagery. Are your photos outdated, or just not that great?

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Website Redesign Strategy | Never Redesign Your Website ...

Make It Mobile-Friendly | Website Redesign Strategy

With the increasing usage of mobile devices, it’s crucial that your website is mobile friendly. Making your website mobile ready could mean more business, and today is considered a necessary move. If someone hears about, or locates your business on the go on a smartphone, they’ll be able to visit your website in the format it was meant to be shown.

Website Redesign Strategy | Website Design –

Don’t Break The Brand | Website Redesign Strategy

Above all, keep in mind that every element of your marketing campaign, including your website, should communicate appropriate branding messages. Whether your brand is identifiable by color, font, graphic identity, cutting humor, make sure to be consistent across all platforms, including and especially your website. It is rarely a smart move to change your brand image, which become linked to you and your website in the minds of the masses.

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