Wedding Photographer Marketing Set | Pro Tips To Design Instagram-Worthy Branding Package For Your Photography Business

Wedding Photographer Marketing Set | Pro Tips To Design Instagram...

Wedding Photographer Marketing Set | This week, we’re taking a closer look at what it takes to start a successful wedding photography business in order to help you turn your passion for photography into a solid source of income. As we mentioned in one of our previous posts, starting a business is ridiculously easy nowadays, but turning it into a success story requires a lot more than having some extra cash to invest in the equipment. To get your wedding photography business off the ground, you will need to create a solid marketing plan to stand out from the crowd of other shooters and get your target audience to notice you!

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A vitally important, yet often overlooked aspect of every marketing strategy is marketing collateral. Just because most of our communication, whether it’s personal or professional, happens online, it doesn’t mean print is dead. In fact, many wedding photographers are using personalized marketing sets to differentiate themselves in saturated markets, reinforce their brands, and grow their client base. The good news is that setting up an effective photography marketing set that sells like crazy doesn’t have to be expensive or exhausting. Here’s how you too can create your own set that gets you booked solid!

Creativity Isn’t Optional | Wedding Photographer Marketing Set

Even though creating your marketing set doesn’t have to be expensive or exhausting, it will need to be creative in order to be effective. Considering the sheer number of photographers out there promoting their services and products, you will need to pay attention to even the smallest detail if you’re hoping to get the most out of your investment. We’re bombarded with marketing materials each day, and our brains learned to ignore most of it to avoid a burnout. That doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to help your marketing items break through the mental barrier and grab the attention of your target audience.

Wedding Photographer Marketing Set | Pro Tips To Design Instagram...

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First, you will want to take a look at what’s already out there and find an opening for something new. At the end of the day, the very last thing you need is to have your promo pieces mistaken for materials of another photographer, so avoid copying, imitating, or parodying other photographers. Another thing you’ll want to stay away from are premade photography marketing sets. Not only are these already being used by many other photographers, possibly even your direct competitors, but they’re usually too generic to effectively represent your brand and they have all the telltale signs of amateur design.

Know Your Needs | Wedding Photographer Marketing Set

Another disadvantage of premade marketing sets for photographers is the fact that they offer limited versatility and pretty much no customization. What you see is what you get, so you might end up tweaking your branding strategy and marketing approach to get the most of your cheap marketing set, which is a really bad idea. Instead, you’ll want to take a look at your marketing strategy and see which items might help you deliver your message, as well as your products in such a way your clients won’t be able to resist bragging about the experience and even instagramming a shot or two of your materials.

So, what are most important marketing items you will want to include in your marketing set? You will definitely want to start with a business card, letterhead and a personalized envelope, and add thank you cards, brochures and fliers, as well as gift cards and a pricing guide. To take it a step further, consider investing in custom USB drives if you deliver digital files in person, and even wooden boxes to give your marketing set that extra punch that will instantly get you noticed!

It’s All About The First Impression | Wedding Photographer Marketing Set

There’s no denying that we live in a fast-paced world of six-second attention spans and unlimited options, which means your first impression will oftentimes be your last one. Sure, the photos you take can speak for themselves, but if your marketing materials fail to engage your potential client, they won’t be too likely to even look up your website and check out your work. By using a personalized, fully custom photography marketing set, not only will you improve your chances of standing out, but you’ll also leave an impression of an establish, reliable business.

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Wedding Photographer Marketing Set | Pro Tips To Design Instagram...

Don’t Cut Corners | Wedding Photographer Marketing Set

You’re not creating just a marketing set; we’re talking about a branding tool your potential clients will base their first impression on, yet you’d be amazed just how many wedding photographers decide to cut corners in order to save a few bucks and get the cheapest materials available. Even the most interesting design won’t do much for you if the material it’s printed on makes the wrong impression. We’re tactile beings, so what do you think paper that gets torn or dented easily will tell your potential clients about the quality of the services you’re providing?

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Whenever we finish working on a branding project for a client and deliver the final design for their marketing sets, we advise them to invest in the best paper stock their budgets allow, because people will definitely feel the difference between a cheap piece of paper and a thicker, high-quality paper stock. This seemingly small detail can end up being the difference between success and failure of your entire marketing strategy.

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