Wedding Photography Logo Design | Four Hottest Tips For Designing The Perfect Wedding Photography Logo

Wedding Photography Logo Design | Four Hottest Tips For Designing ...

Wedding Photography Logo Design | Starting a wedding photography business can be a very challenging task, especially in today’s saturated market. The truth of the matter is that the competition is fierce, and in order to grab the attention of your target audience and get even the pickiest bride to be to say “Yes!” to doing business with you, you’ll need to pay special attention to each and every aspect of your brand. Needless to say, this goes for the logo you choose to represent your business as well. Yet, you’d be amazed just how many wedding photographers out there overlook the importance of this seemingly simple piece of design.

Wedding Photography Logo Design | Website Design –

The logo is the crown jewel of your wedding photography brand, the face of your business, and the backbone of your entire visual identity. Since it will serve as a representation of you and everything you stand for, and oftentimes be the very first contact people have with your business, your potential clients will start building their impression the moment they see it, long before getting a chance to check out your portfolio. So, how do you go about designing a logo that stands out, conveys the right message, and helps you grow your wedding photography business? Even though it might sound like a lot to ask from a logo, it can be done, and here’s how!

Be A Voice, Not An Echo! | Wedding Photography Logo Design

The number of wedding photographers out there keeps growing each day, and with that comes the challenge of standing out from the crowd. The only way to do that, obviously, is by being different. Sure, this might sound like common sense, but there are still way too many wedding photographers using practically the same logo out there. No matter how tempted you may be, never copy, imitate, or parody another photographer’s logo. After all, the last thing you want is to have your logo mistaken for a logo of one of your competitors.

Wedding Photography Logo Design | Four Hottest Tips For Designing ...

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We live in a world painted with logos, and wherever you turn, you’re bound to see them. There’s no denying that unique designs will stand out from the sea of identities more easily, so you’ll want to consider having a custom logo design professionally designed just for your wedding photography business. Using cheap templates available online might sound like a good idea to save a few bucks, but it can backfire and is more likely to damage your brand than do it any good.

Hope For The Best, But Prepare For The Worst | Wedding Photography Logo Design

You will use your logo in a myriad of ways and on countless different materials, some which will have considerable restrictions you need to learn to expect and prepare for. For example, your logo might look absolutely stunning on your computer screen, but what happens when you scale it down? If you’re not careful, your breathtaking logo might turn into an unrecognizable smudge if it’s too complex, or at least lose the fine details you’ve spent days working on. If that’s not enough to convince you to simplify your design, keep in mind that simple logos are not only easier to use, but also easier to remember. And you do want your potential clients to remember your logo, right?

Another thing to keep in mind when trying to make your logo versatile is the color. For example, you can tweak your logo to make sure it looks perfect when viewed in full color. However, will be just as effective when you fax a contract to a client and they receive a black and white version of the document on their end? Whenever we design a logo for a client, there are many restrictions we came to expect, including the color issue, so when we design branding materials for our clients, the logo effortlessly adapts to all materials. We design the logo in black first, and only when we’re one hundred percent happy with the design, we start playing with colors and different shades to give the logo that extra punch!

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Wedding Photography Logo Design | Four Hottest Tips For Designing ...

Readability Is Paramount | Wedding Photography Logo Design

Your logo will act as a representation of your wedding photography business, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that you need to make sure your target audience and potential clients can actually read the name of your business. No matter how pretty the design is, it won’t do you any good if people can effortlessly read the name! When it comes to choosing the fonts for your logo, stick with simple, elegant fonts that will appeal to brides to be, and leave the complex calligraphic fonts you stumbled upon on Pinterest for other, less important elements and materials.

Wedding Photography Logo Design | Website Design –

Be Wary Of Trends | Wedding Photography Logo Design

Staying on top of the latest design trends is a good idea (And it’s fun!), but following every trend just for the sake of being trendy is a really bad one! Remember, graphic design is much like fashion: it keeps growing and evolving with new trends coming and going. The thing with overly trendy logos is that they end up feeling dated and tired sooner than you think, so you’ll end up having a brand new logo. This, in turn, can damage your brand, as changing logos too often can confuse your potential clients and alienate your existing ones. Instead, you’ll want to look for a logo that’s not only an accurate representation of your brand, but can also last as long as you’re in business, whether it’s for 5, 10, or even 20 years.

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