Wedding Photography Marketing Guide | Rules of Attraction: Photography Marketing That Wins The Clients You Want

Wedding Photography Marketing Guide | Rules of Attraction: Photography

Wedding Photography Marketing Guide | The wedding photography industry is a notably saturated one, which requires potential clients to wade through overwhelming amounts of information and make a critical choice about an experience that’s deeply personal and emotional. Which is why many wedding photographers still wonder: How can I make my business, which I know to be really great for potential clients, stand out in a way that’s unique, appealing, and memorable?

Wedding Photography Marketing Guide | Website Design –

Whether you are just starting out as a wedding photographer or trying to grow your existing business, marketing your services is as much a part of your job as taking stunning pictures. One thing wedding photographers all have in common is they work very hard on planning their marketing to potential clients and then working those plans. Whether it is bridal shows, word-of-mouth marketing, referrals, or social networks, none of these photographers are sitting back waiting for the phone to start ringing. Marketing is essentially a vehicle for people to get to know more about you and what you can do for them, and to recognize you as a professional, and understanding basic marketing techniques and putting them into action will help your wedding photography business succeed.

Take Care Of Your Existing Clients | Wedding Photography Marketing Guide

Taking care of your existing clients is a crucial part of growing your business, as your ideal clients will refer you to their family and friends who may also be ideal clients for you. This is why you need to remember to build relationships with every bride and groom that hire you. Hopefully neither of them will be getting married again, but they do have friends and family who they can pass your business along to. In addition, previous wedding clients can turn into long-term family portrait clients if you’re offering these services as well.

Wedding Photography Marketing Guide | Rules of Attraction: Photography

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Get To Know Other Wedding Vendors | Wedding Photography Marketing Guide

Vendors are important for your success – from reception venue personnel to cake decorators. You can design special vendor cards that feature an image or two you took at the wedding that represents that vendor’s specialty as a referral incentive. In your blog posts, link out to vendors that you worked with for each wedding so your visitors can easily access their websites as well. It’s amazing how loyal business owners can be towards each other when you really hit if off, so make sure you’re promoting their businesses to your clients, and they’ll be sure to return the favor.

Have A Website And A Blog | Wedding Photography Marketing Guide

A professional looking website that effectively conveys your brand image and your portfolio is key to attracting clients. Just remember to get permission for any pictures featured on your website and in your portfolio. Add information about your photography techniques and the services you offer, and include testimonials from past clients that compliment your professionalism and talent as a wedding photographer. You should also consider adding a blog where you can present helpful wedding information, makeup and hairstyle tips, guides to working with a photographer, and a showcase of your recent work.

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Wedding Photography Marketing Guide | Rules of Attraction: Photography

Rock Your Social Media | Wedding Photography Marketing Guide

When you blog the images from your client’s photo session, take a moment to share them on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media outlets that your ideal clients use. They’ll share the images with their friends followers, and you’ll get traffic as they point people your way. For most photographers, Facebook is the most likely place where the ideal client is spending time. Twitter and Google+ tend to attract more business owners. So if you mostly do photography for other businesses instead of for the general public, then those two are probably a better place to focus your time.

Wedding Photography Marketing Guide | Website Design –

Utilize Search Engine Optimization | Wedding Photography Marketing Guide

As a wedding photographer, you will get the majority of our inquiries from people looking for a wedding photographer on Google. It’s vitally important, then, that your website is optimized for search engines and appears in search engine’s results. In a nutshell, SEO is simply giving search engines clues as to your location and the types of products and services you offer. Learn how to do it yourself or hire SEO agency that specializes in moving your information to the top of the search engine’s results. This marketing move may not bring instant results, but you will find the investment over the long run will build your business.

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