Wedding Photography Welcome Packets | Wedding Photographer’s Essential Guide To Putting Together The Perfect Welcome Packet

Wedding Photography Welcome Packets | Wedding Photographer's Essen...

Wedding Photography Welcome Packets | Taking photos is just a small part of the job description of a wedding photographer. After all, you’re a part of an incredibly important day of your client’s life, and with that comes a plethora of expectations you’ll want to meet (and exceed) if you’re serious about your business. You know your potential clients are out there doing their research, and photographers mostly rely on word of mouth marketing, so you’ll want to build a reputation of a reliable professional.

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Many wedding photographers have realized the importance of having a solid welcome packet for their clients. When done right, a welcome packet will not only be a thoughtful detail, but it can make your job a lot easier, and it will act as a powerful marketing tool, boosting your exposure and improving your reputation. That might sound like a lot to expect from such a seemingly simple thing, but it can be done. Here’s how!

You Need To Be Odd In Order To Be Number One | Wedding Photography Welcome Packets

Besides their primary functionality, wedding photography welcome packets can act as brand ambassadors and help photographers build unique visual identities. However, not all welcome packets are created equal. Sure, you might save a few bucks by using cheap templates you found online, but these could never be as effective as personalized items designed to represent you and your brand. And if a predesigned packet doesn’t include all the materials you’re looking for, finding that particular item and making sure it matches the rest of the materials you got will be a nightmare!

Wedding Photography Welcome Packets | Wedding Photographer's Essen...

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Using templates isn’t bad just for the branding purposes. Heck, they’ll do the trick, so what if one item stands out from the rest of the packet? Keep in mind that these templates are usually designed by amateurs trying to make a buck, and they have all the telltale signs of amateur design. Even if you’re lucky enough to stumble upon a good template, chances are it’s already being used by many other photographers, maybe even your direct competitors. Your goal here is to make your client feel even more special, and a generic packet everyone and their grandma is using won’t do you any good.

Go The Extra Mile. It’s Never Crowded! | Wedding Photography Welcome Packets

A welcome packet, among other things, is a great way to thank your clients for doing business with you, so make sure you include a thank you or welcome card with a preferably hand-written message on the back. You might be booked for the rest of the year, but you want each and every client to feel as if they’re the most important one, because you never know when a client sharing a shot of your welcome packet might get you new clients, and just how many people they will send your way.

Be Helpful | Wedding Photography Welcome Packets

You’re a professional wedding photographer, so you already have a pretty good idea of what to expect during a typical wedding day. However, keep in mind that your client is likely to be doing this for the very first time and they have no idea what to expect. Not only that, but they’re probably stressing over the caterer running late or their uncle getting belligerently drunk (This happens more often than you think!), so you want to help them get rid of the anxiety and uncertainty as you can, at least as long as your part is concerned.

Consider including a timetable to give your clients an overview of the day and help them get a better idea of what to expect. Of course, you’ll want to focus on the photography-related aspects and moments you think might be important and worth capturing. You can also add a short list of most frequently asked questions, and share tips you think your clients might find useful. If you’ve been in the industry for some time now, you probably already have a pretty good idea what those questions are, and what most of people need help with, but if you’re just starting out, do your research and prepare content that will actually be useful, not just filler.

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Wedding Photography Welcome Packets | Wedding Photographer's Essen...

Support Your Network | Wedding Photography Welcome Packets

As we mentioned earlier, referrals are huge in the photography industry. However, what many wedding photographers fail to understand is that it’s not just their clients that can send new clients their way – it’s other business owners as well. If you already have a network of business owners in the wedding industry offering non-competing services, such as cake decorators, caterers, organizers, DJs, and so on, you’ll want to include a sort of a list of preferred vendors and businesses to help them with their marketing efforts and send your clients their way – and they’ll be more than happy to return the favor!

Wedding Photography Welcome Packets | Website Design –

It’s The Small Details That Count The Most | Wedding Photography Welcome Packets

The design and the content of your welcome packet are critical, don’t get us wrong, but what many wedding photographers fail to realize is that the material they use is just as important – in fact, it can make or break the packet. No matter the items you include, whether it’s a wooden box, a presentation folder, or something entirely else, you’ll want to get the best materials your budget allows. A client will know the difference between cheapest material available and more expensive ones; what message do you think they receive a welcome packet that costs as much as a couple of coffees?

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