Affordable Marketing Tactics | 7 Big Marketing Ideas For Small Business Budgets To Help You Kick Off Your Next Campaign

Affordable Marketing Tactics | 7 Big Marketing Ideas For Small ...

Affordable Marketing Tactics | One of the most important and most challenging tasks every entrepreneur faces when launching a new business is reaching their target audience and promoting the services or the products they’re providing. After all, you might have the most disruptive, ground-breaking service, but if your potential clients are not aware of it, it will never do you any good. However, it’s not necessarily as difficult as some marketing agencies would like you to think.

Affordable Marketing Tactics | Website Design –

Marketing is one of those industries that keeps changing and evolving, with trends and fads coming and going. What worked a couple of years ago might be completely useless today, so unless you’re staying on top of trends, you’re risking falling behind your competitors. But you don’t need to blow your entire budget on your next marketing campaign to stay ahead, nor do you need to use cheap tricks and gimmicks. You just need to work smarter. To help you come up with an effective marketing strategy that actually grows your business, we gathered our top marketing ideas for any budget you can start using today!

Define Your Target Audience | Affordable Marketing Tactics

Before you kick off your next marketing campaign, you need to clearly define the audience you’re trying to reach. This is a vitally important step that will affect all other aspects of your marketing efforts and will ultimately be the critical difference between success and failure, so take all the time you need to do your homework. Even seemingly small details will matter later on, so don’t rely on thinking you know your ideal client, be sure you know who they are, what appeals to them, where they spend their time, and more importantly, why and when they spend their money!

Affordable Marketing Tactics | 7 Big Marketing Ideas For Small ...

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Communicate Your Marketing Message | Affordable Marketing Tactics

In addition to knowing your ideal client, you need to know your business as well. There are certain questions you’ll need to be able to answer to ensure your marketing efforts are effective. What is it that you can do for your ideal client? What makes you unique? Why should a potential client choose you out of all the small businesses out there offering similar services and products? Your task is finding a simple, concise and effective way of communicating all these things to your potential client.

Build A Strong Online Presence | Affordable Marketing Tactics

We live in a digital age, and considering you’re marketing to the millennials – a generation that grew up with smartphones and social media, having a website for your business is no longer optional. Even brick and mortar stores can benefit from having a simple website describing the products they’re offering and featuring the most important contact information. To take your website a step further, consider setting up a blog and publishing posts on a regular basis.

By blogging on a regular basis, you’ll let both the search engines and your visitors happy, as you’ll be giving them a reason to keep coming back. Throw in there your target keywords, and you’ll considerably improve your search engine ranking. Perhaps even more importantly, blogging on a regular basis will help you build a reputation of an experienced and reliable industry expert.

Get On Your Ideal Client’s Radar | Affordable Marketing Tactics

If you’ve defined your target audience, you’ll be able to reach your potential clients a lot easier. Why? Well, because you’ll have a lot better idea where they actually spend their time. For example, other business owners spend most of their online time on Twitter and Google+, while the average consumers spend most of their time on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This will help you choose the networks and mediums to focus your attention on, instead of spreading yourself too thin. After all, there’s no point in maintaining your Tumblr account if your potential clients don’t even use that particular network.

Reward Referrals | Affordable Marketing Tactics

There’s no marketing tool as powerful and effective as a satisfied customer singing you praises, so you’ll want to make sure you’re encouraging referrals. Let your customers know how much you appreciate referrals, and consider offering a reward that has high perceived value but doesn’t cost you too much. Everyone loves free stuff, and by offering a discount or adding a referral gift to their purchase, your clients will go out of their way to spread the word about your business and the service you’re providing.

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Affordable Marketing Tactics | 7 Big Marketing Ideas For Small ...

Network Like There’s No Tomorrow | Affordable Marketing Tactics

This one requires you to get out of your pajamas and get yourself out there. No one will ever represent your business better than you will, so attend networking events and conferences, get your name out there, meet potential clients and business partners and hand out business cards. Keep in mind, though, that in order for your potential clients to hang on to your business card long after the meeting is over, you’ll need to have it designed and printed professionally.

Affordable Marketing Tactics | Website Design –

Try New Things | Affordable Marketing Tactics

Keep in mind that just because something is working for other business owners, it doesn’t mean it will work for your business as well, so it’s vitally important that you keep a close eye on the results of all of your marketing efforts and see what works, what doesn’t, and what needs tweaking. There’s no point in sticking with a marketing strategy if it doesn’t yield results you were hoping for.

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