Best Logo Design Practices | How To Create A Logo: Great Tips To Help You Kick Start Your Logo Design

Best Logo Design Practices | How To Create A Logo: Great...

Best Logo Design Practices | A well-designed business logo is a quick way to help build brand credibility and make your business stand out from the crowd. No matter the size or scale of your business, a simple and beautiful logo strategically placed throughout your marketing mediums can compel even the most skeptical customers. A great logo is the backbone of any successful business brand. Designing the right logo for your business is a crucial first step in building lasting and unique brand recognition.

Best Logo Design Practices | Website Design –

A logo is more than just a shape with your company name in the center. An effective logo is eye catching and should share a bit about your brand. With the help of do-it-yourself logo design tools and affordable graphic design programs, businesses don’t always have to hire expensive ad agencies to build their brand identities. Fortunately, there are principles (how many and what they are depend on who you’re talking to) that guide the design process of effective logos, six of which we’ll talk about in this post.

Understand Your Audience | Best Logo Design Practices

Just like any other part of your marketing strategy, you’ll have to do some research when designing your logo. You have to determine who’s going to see your logo – remember, it has to be appropriate for your target audience. A logo should not only reflect the company for which it stands; it should reflect its target audience as well. If your ideal clients are middle-aged male gun owners who take part in the annual deer hunting season, your logo should be created to appeal to them, with elements that suggest things like ruggedness, nature and outdoors, camaraderie, strength, etc.

Best Logo Design Practices | How To Create A Logo: Great...

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Simple = Memorable | Best Logo Design Practices

As a rule of thumb, simple logos are generally more memorable. A memorable logo will also improve brand recognition. Amid the high volume of commercial communication around us, all but the most memorable messages become noise that the brain learns to filter out. So how do you make sure that your logo gets through that mental filter? Choosing a design that’s bold enough to be both memorable and instantly recognizable is one key to success in today’s world where we’re being bombarded with ads everywhere we lookl

Subtract, Don’t Add | Best Logo Design Practices

Carrying on from the last point, good logo design is typically a process of reduction. When creating a logo, don’t think, “What can I add to this design to make it better?” Instead, think, “What can I take away from this design to make it more memorable?” If you’re looking to grab the attention of potential clients and remind current ones of your offer, a busy or cluttered logo isn’t going to do your business any favors. Some of the most successful logos have been the simplest.

Design In Black And White First | Best Logo Design Practices

Design a logo in black and white until you’re happy with the basic form of the design. Don’t rely on color or effects to improve a poorly executed concept. Oh sure, it’s great to see your logo in the colors that you will eventually use, but in the initial stages of any design the colors are of secondary importance. Don’t worry about colors in the beginning stages of the logo design process. They can always be changed, or added later. By leaving color to the end of the process, you focus on the idea. No amount of gradient or color will save a poorly designed mark.

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Best Logo Design Practices | How To Create A Logo: Great...

Think Identity, Not Just Logo | Best Logo Design Practices

Consider how a logo could be utilized as part of your company’s overall identity system. The color palette you chose can be used to design your website, and the graphic portion can lend itself to a minimalist design if and when you decide to ditch the textual element. Just be consistent – don’t use one logo on your business cards and another for your Facebook profile. Use your new logo everywhere. Every piece of paper that leaves your office should feature your logo. Put it on your car. Letterheads and brochures. Presentation folders. Use your new logo until you’re sick of it.

Best Logo Design Practices | Website Design –

Don’t Neglect Typography | Best Logo Design Practices

Font selection shouldn’t be an afterthought. Choosing the right font can either make or break a logo. The wrong font can dramatically change the message the logo is supposed to communicate. The right font will set a tone for the brand and be reflection of the company’s vision. Sometimes your logo can just be your company name in a unique font. Coca-Cola and Disney are just two examples of companies who have used a creative typeface as their logos. Not only does an original typeface set you apart from other brands, it proves you’ve put some thought and consideration into your logo.

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