Best Logo Design Tips | Think Like a Designer: Tips to Help You Design A Kick-Ass Logo

Best Logo Design Tips | Think Like a Designer: Tips to Help ...

Best Logo Design Tips | Everyone wants a kick-ass logo, but it’s notoriously difficult work — prone to miscommunications, heated debates, and numerous revisions. If a logo is well-designed, it can boost your reputation, and act as a marketing tool for your business. However, if a logo is poorly designed, it can do more damage than good. It can make people question your professionalism, misunderstand your values, or become confused about your services. Think about it this way: If you can sum up the essence of your business in one word, your logo is the visual representation of that word.

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Ideally, your business logo improves potential clients and partners’ crucial first impression of your company. A good logo can build loyalty between your business and your clients, build a brand identity, and provide the professional look of a successful enterprise. Designing logos is just like any other type of design work: in order to create a great logo, you’ll need to pay attention to details. Even the best idea can be ruined by not thinking about simple things, so the following tips will help you to keep you on the right track.

Identify Your Company | Best Logo Design Tips

Write down all the words that describe your business. Ask yourself what you want people to think when they see your logo, and how do you want them to feel when they think of your brand. You don’t have to do what everyone else in the industry is doing, but it is a good idea to consider how your logo will be seen. For instance, you wouldn’t want to use a childish font for an investment banking firm, or a shape with sharp points for an infant clothing line.

Best Logo Design Tips | Think Like a Designer: Tips to Help ...

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Graphic Or Text | Best Logo Design Tips

You can design logos by using graphics, text or a combination of both. Before starting the design process, it’s a good idea to decide which style you like. While there are some abstract logos, like the Chevron V’s or the Nike swoosh, that are immediately identifiable, that’s because they’ve been around forever. Small businesses can rarely afford the millions of dollars and years of effort required to create these associations, so a logo that clearly illustrates what your company stands for or does may be a better choice.

Design In Black And White | Best Logo Design Tips

During the design process, try to leave color out of the equation by designing your concepts in black and white. Not only will this ensure that your logo looks good on black and white documents, but it will also help you choose graphical elements without letting color options affect your overall design. Also, colors tend to follow trends, just like in fashion. So, a new, vibrant business may want to follow the current trends, whereas a bank may want to stay with a more conservative color scheme that will work well for them over a long period of time.

Shape And Scale | Best Logo Design Tips

One of the reasons you need a logo is so that you can put it on things. From event programs to coffee mugs, your logo has to be versatile in both shape and scale. Make sure that your logo can be used over a variety of different media outlets. For instance, your logo should be easily easily recognizable in print, in high-resolution, on a website, on a banner, on business cards, and even on billboards and T-shirts.

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Best Logo Design Tips | Think Like a Designer: Tips to Help ...

Don’t Follow Trends | Best Logo Design Tips

It’s often hard to escape trends, especially if you’re passionate and love to look at inspiring logos on design websites. Your logo has to work on the long run, so try to avoid following the trends. A modern and trendy logo is fun to design, but it may soon go out of style. The design basis for an effective logo should be timeless elegance, so it will look right no matter how many years have passed or how many changes the company sees as it matures.

Best Logo Design Tips | Website Design –

Hire A Professional | Best Logo Design Tips

Hiring a designer does require more of an investment, but the end result will be a logo with timeless beauty. If there is a limited budget, a company may attempt to create its own logo, but will not be able to capture the detail that a professional eye can bring to the project. By following these logo design tips and working with an online professional logo service, less is left to chance and more to experience and know-how instead. At the end of the day, if your business is recognizable and memorable, your logo design has hit the mark.

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