Best Photography Logos | Shoot For The Stars! 5 Tips For A Photography Logo That Works

Best Photography Logos | Shoot For The Stars! 5 Tips For ...

Best Photography Logos | How a business presents itself can be the difference between success and failure. Photographers are no exception to this rule. How you brand your photography business – from logo to business cards, website to social media pages, portfolio to brochures – all influence a potential client’s decision whether to hire you or not. In an age where everyone must have a website to promote their product, service or the business behind it, the demand for a top-class logo has never been higher.

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Photography is an incredibly competitive business, and there are many photographers out there with comparable levels of work. This is when branding comes into play to help give you the advantage over another photographer. If you are just starting your new photography business adventure, or planning a reboot of your existing brand, grab a cup of tea and enjoy today’s list of tips for designing the best photography logos. In this article, we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty details of what makes an effective photography logo and we’ll also guide you through the principles and best practices of how to design an iconic brand symbol.

Research Your Audience | Best Photography Logos

Designing a logo isn’t just about creating an appealing visual. What you’re doing, or taking part in, is building a brand and conveying a message. Do your research on the industry itself, its history and your competitors. Problem-solve first, design later. Do your competitors use solid, conservative graphics, or flashy designs and modern fonts? Think about how you want to differentiate your logo from others in your industry. How you “position” the logo should be appropriate for its target audience. For example, a child-like font and color scheme would be appropriate for a logo for a newborn photographer, not so much for a high-fashion photography studio.

Best Photography Logos | Shoot For The Stars! 5 Tips For ...

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Hire A Professional | Best Photography Logos

A photography business should look professional. New business owners often invest a lot of time and money in equipment, but forget to match it by investing suitably in their logo. It runs similar to the old marketing saying, “You can get it fast, good or cheap. Pick two.” You might get someone to make you a logo incredibly cheap… but it could take months before you see anything (if at all) – or you could get a stunning logo right away, but it’ll cost you. Keep in mind that, if you hire a professional designer, you won’t run into any problems down the line with printing your logo, your logo will have a longer lifespan, won’t have to be redesigned in a couple of years, and most importantly, your logo will look professional.

Color Palette | Best Photography Logos

Never underestimate the power of color! There is so much emotion inherent in color and its psychological power can be extremely persuasive. Warm, cool, complimentary, neutral, analogous, soft, bright, dark, vivid, light, saturated — all of these color types can be used effectively to boost your intended message. One thing you have to be careful about as you explore color options is the cost. Your five-color logo may be beautiful, but once it comes time to print it on stationery, the price won’t be so attractive. Nor will it work in mediums that only allow one or two colors.

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Best Photography Logos | Shoot For The Stars! 5 Tips For ...

Make The Logo Readable | Best Photography Logos

When it comes to designing a logo, finding the right font is the most important decision a designer can make. Finding the perfect font for your design is all about matching the font to the style of your business. Bad fonts are often chosen simply because the decision isn’t taken seriously enough. Some designers simply throw in type as an afterthought. Using a maximum of two fonts of different weights is standard practice. Restricting the number of fonts to this number greatly boosts the legibility of a logo design and improves brand recognition. The goal of having a logo is to make your company stick in the client’s mind. That can only happen if the potential client can actually read it, easily.

Best Photography Logos | Website Design –

Camera Chic | Best Photography Logos

Decisions, decisions! Should you have a camera in your logo or not? Well, that’s entirely up to you of course. As mentioned, the goal of a logo is to represent a business. If it looks the same as someone else’s, it has failed in that regard. Imitating others does no one any favors, neither the client nor the designer. A well-designed logo should be timeless, and this can be accomplished by ignoring the latest design tricks and gimmicks. A logo doesn’t have to say what a business does. Restaurant logos don’t have to show food, dentist logos don’t need to show teeth, and photography logos don’t always have to show a camera. Just because it’s relevant, doesn’t mean you can’t do better.

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