Best Photography Marketing Tactics | No Games. No BS. 5 Simple Tips For Setting Up A Ridiculously Effective Marketing Strategy

Best Photography Marketing Tactics | No Games. No BS. 5 Simple Tips ...

Best Photography Marketing Tactics | The success of your photography business will depend mostly on the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, which means it can make you or break you. Yet, you’d be surprised just how many photographers overlook the importance of marketing and invest the least amount of time in spreading the word about their services, relying solely on their talent on their way to success. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that many photographers end up closing down their businesses, instead of achieving any type of success, or turning their hobby into a solid source of income.

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Long gone are the days when you could put out an ad in your local newspapers and sit back, waiting for the phone to start ringing. In fact, platforms, tools, and hacks photographers used just a few years ago are practically useless today, and if you’re serious about your photography business, you’ll need to make sure you’re staying up to date with the latest trends and bringing your A game. To help you get started on the right track and blow the competition out of the water, we put together a list of some of the most effective, yet affordable marketing tactics you can start implementing into your daily routine right away!

Welcome To The Digital Age | Best Photography Marketing Tactics

Photographers no longer have to carry around monumental portfolio books from a meeting to a meeting, hoping to book a session. Instead, most of the initial stages of the booking process has gone online – potential clients out there are searching the Internet for photographers providing services they’re interested in, doing their research, and comparing photographers before ever making a single call, which means you can’t afford not to have a solid online presence.

Best Photography Marketing Tactics | No Games. No BS. 5 Simple Tips ...

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In one of our previous posts, we mentioned the two main pillars of online presence: your website and social media profiles. However, there are other elements you’ll definitely want to look into, such as online ads, whether on social networks in the form of sponsored posts, or sponsored search results. If you don’t feel comfortable taking the paid route, there’s another way you can boost traffic to your website: search engine optimization, or SEO. Yes, the dreaded SEO.

Tackle Search Engine Optimization | Best Photography Marketing Tactics

Unlike what many advertising agencies would have you believe, searching engine optimization isn’t exactly rocket science. Yes, it will launch your website into online stardom when done right, but that’s pretty much all the similarity between the two. In fact, SEO is something you can handle on your own once a solid groundwork has been laid down. Whenever we design and set up a website for a client, we ensure the code itself is optimized for search engines, but there’s still considerable amount of work left to be done.

First, you need to do your homework and research the keywords you want to rank high for. Remember, there are almost a million photography website out there, so you need to find the keywords your potential clients are likely to search for, but aren’t targeted by too many photographers. Terms such as photography, wedding photographer, and similarly generic keywords are nearly impossible to rank high for, but terms such as “New Hampshire natural light wedding photographer” will be a lot easier to rank high for. Then, it’s all a matter of working these keywords in your content!

Create Your Content | Best Photography Marketing Tactics

The benefits of custom content are practically endless – it will support your social media strategy and help you stand out from the crowd of photographers sharing the same content over and over again, which will make your followers, friends, and fans more likely to actually click on the link and check out your website. However, publishing unique content on a regular basis on your website will also boost your rankings, as search engines pay attention to freshness of the website as well, and it will allow you to use your target keywords. It’s important to mention that you should just clutter a random page with your target keywords – instead, keep your visitors in mind when writing your content and make sure you use the keywords in an organic way, otherwise you might end being penalized by search engines.

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Best Photography Marketing Tactics | No Games. No BS. 5 Simple Tips ...

Get Other People Involved In Spreading The Word | Best Photography Marketing Tactics

There’s no marketing tool more powerful than a satisfied client singing your praises. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to get even more out of word of mouth marketing. For example, if you offer an incentive, you’ll be more than likely to get a recommendation from an existing client. We all love free stuff, so offer something that has high-perceived value, but doesn’t cost you too much, such as a couple of free prints, or a small discount on the total amount on their next purchase for each new client they send in or the testimonial they write. You can then feature the testimonials on your website, or ask your clients to post it on review platforms.

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Get Business From Other Businesses | Best Photography Marketing Tactics

Your clients aren’t the only source of potential new business – other business owners can send new clients your way as well. Set up a referral network of businesses targeting the same audience and feature them in your list of preferred vendors on your website if they agree to do the same. For example, if you’re in the wedding photography industry, approach venue owners, make up artists, caterers, and so on – not only will you get more business, but you’ll also appear more established and respected in your industry.

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