Best Photography Marketing Tips | 5 Kick-Ass Photography Marketing Tips You Have To Try

Best Photography Marketing Tips | 5 Kick-Ass Photo...

Best Photography Marketing Tips | Everyone knows that in order to run a successful photography business you have to market yourself and, hopefully, get clients to hire you. But success never happens automatically. If you are just getting started in the business, it can be frustrating because it feels like you can’t afford to get your message in front of the right people. Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming, but it does need to be creative in order to get your target audience to choose your business. It takes a solid plan, tireless commitment, and consistent execution.

Best Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design –

Promotion and marketing can really be fun if you just step outside the box and look at it from a new and creative perspective. Here are five best photography marketing tips that have been proven to work. Some of these ideas are quick and easy and others are more of a long term strategy that you should start now and will build up steam over time. Let’s get to the good stuff, shall we?

Get Active With Facebook | Best Photography Marketing Tips

You have a Facebook page, but are you taking full advantage of it from the marketing point of view? Don’t just put your personal stuff on there, show off your latest work as well. Social media is considered to be one of the most effective marketing tools available today; the potential connections are pretty much endless! But in order to utilize this awesome potential effectively, you must consistently engage and communicate with your clients and fans so that your page can stand out and be shared, followed and liked.

Best Photography Marketing Tips | 5 Kick-Ass Photo...

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Put Your Best Work On Your Website | Best Photography Marketing Tips

Your website is often the first impression that people have of your business and can be thought of as your virtual storefront. You want to keep your unique selling point, your niche, and your style in mind when designing your website to make sure that every element appeals to your ideal client. Make sure you have your best stuff on there. First impressions are lasting. Feature some client testimonials and comments on your website as well – they could be the very thing that convinces potential clients to choose you over other photographers. A guestbook is an effective way to encourage clients to post comments and is a convenient way for people to learn about how happy your clients are.

Utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Best Photography Marketing Tips

Yes, this is a huge one. Learn how to do it yourself or hire companies that specialize in moving your information to the top of the search engine’s results. This effort may not immediately bring results, but you will find the investment over the long run will build your business. When uploading your images to your website, use the ALT tag fields to describe your images. Make sure to use the keywords you want to rank for in the images (such as “New York Wedding Reception At A Rustic Upstate Barn Venue”).

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Best Photography Marketing Tips | 5 Kick-Ass Photo...

Start An Email Newsletter | Best Photography Marketing Tips

Create a mailing list of existing clients and encourage potential clients to join by offering deals in exchange for their email address. How about creating a pop-up on your website asking for your client’s email address. If they enter the email address, they get a free download of your “15 Little-Known Tips For Getting Married in New York.” Pay special attention to content and timing when composing and sending your emails. The beauty of the email list is that these people already like your work enough to give you their email address. They want to hear about your business and about the services you are offering. Make sure your emails aren’t so frequent that the folks on your mailing list get tired of seeing them.

Best Photography Marketing Tips | Website Design –

Blog | Best Photography Marketing Tips

Google likes websites that have fresh content updated on a regular basis. Blog about your sessions, blog about things that appeal to your ideal client, and feature vendors that have similar ideal clients as you. Try to blog at least once a week. Blogs do need a serious time commitment, but the amazing thing is, your blog is basically a blank canvas for you to express your creative ideas, share bits about your personality if you choose, educate clients and share with them the types of images and products you can create for them. A website is like a brochure, a blog is like a conversation.

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