Best Portfolios | Expert Tips For Creating A Winning Portfolio Website That Gets You Clients

Best Portfolios | Expert Tips For Creating A Winning Portfolio

Best Portfolios | Photography is one of the most competitive career paths in the creative industries and a professionally designed portfolio is vitally important to helping you get clients. A well designed portfolio will showcase your best work and make you look more professional. There are some universal features that all outstanding portfolios have, and a variety of principals and techniques that can help take your portfolio from average to stunning. If at all possible, your portfolio should be appropriate to the situation and your target audience, and all portfolios should showcase creativity, talent, skills, thought, and ambition.

Best Portfolios | Website Design –

Building a photography portfolio website can be a daunting task. Many photographers have the intention to set up one, or even get as far as collecting materials, but believe that their work isn’t good enough, or don’t know how best to showcase it. However, keep in mind that a great photography portfolio will do more to boost your career than any other marketing tool in your arsenal. Whether you’re updating the design of your portfolio, creating a new one, or you’re trying to grow your client base, these simple tips will help you showcase your best work in an eye-catching, effective, and impressive way.

Define Your Audience | Best Portfolios

Who are you trying to appeal to with your portfolio? This might sound like a simple question but think carefully what the intended audience will feel like when they view your work. If you’re trying to get more wedding photography assignments, don’t include examples of your product or stock photography work. While there may be occasions where you have to show versatility, generally speaking, your photography portfolio will be more effective if you use it to showcase your expertise in the photography niche in which you are looking for your next gig.

Best Portfolios | Expert Tips For Creating A Winning Portfolio

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What Shots Should You Select? | Best Portfolios

It might sound like nonsense, but when you spend a long period of time thinking how to design your portfolio, you may find yourself forgetting about the quality of the actual work. Selecting the right examples of your work is in fact the most difficult part of building a portfolio. Potential clients don’t need to see EVERYTHING. Instead, be more selective. Focus on your best work and the work you’ve done for high-profile clients. Remember, it’s always better to have a portfolio of a few projects that are perfect than dozens of projects where some of them are just OK. The quality of your portfolio is only as good as your weakest images.

Make It Easy To Navigate | Best Portfolios

People’s attention spans are short, so your photography portfolio website has to be quick and easy to navigate. When designing a portfolio, you want a website that is straightforward and well structured. You want your content to be the focal point, rather than the distracting design. This means simple navigation and the fewest amount of website sections necessary.

Publish Testimonials | Best Portfolios

If shopping online has taught us anything, it’s that people love to know what other people think. Getting testimonials from satisfied clients is a powerful way to show some ‘proof’ that you can deliver on what your portfolio promises. Its alright if you don’t have huge clients like Apple for example, but if you have worked with major clients you better have them on your website praising your work! Considering the power of testimonials, you should think about creating a page just for testimonials or previous clients you have worked with.

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Best Portfolios | Expert Tips For Creating A Winning Portfolio

Keep Your Portfolio Fresh | Best Portfolios

Keep in mind that your work never ends with just creating a beautiful portfolio. You’ll also want to update it on a regular basis. Most photographers improve over time and that’s why you have to keep your portfolio fresh with new examples of your work, as long as they are better! The best portfolios are never static. As you create new and better work, make sure you make additions to showcase your latest projects, but with the same focus on careful curation!

Best Portfolios | Website Design –

Make Your Contact Info Easy To Find | Best Portfolios

Include prominent contact details so visitors are in no doubt as to how they can reach you, follow you on Twitter or connect with you on Facebook. People have a short attention span on the internet so when they get an urge to contact you, they should be able to do so within 3 seconds! Always have your contact information “above the fold” – meaning, your contact info or link to a contact page should be easily accessed without any scrolling or minutes looking around.

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