Blog Design Advice | How To Design A Blog That Stands Out – Tips, Tricks, And Best Practices

Blog Design Advice | How To Design A Blog That Stands Out - Tips, ...

Blog Design Advice | Blog design can be as simple as applying a theme and installing a few plugins. However, if you take your blog seriously and you want it to stand out for all the right reasons, the first step is understanding the principles of effective design. That’s the frustrating and freeing thing about art and design at the same time — there may be some rules; there may be some best practices; but there are very few that are written in stone. So how can you go about setting up an effective blog? By looking at a few guidelines, we can see what has proven to work well as a starting point, then get comfortable moving beyond those essentials if a design calls for it.

Blog Design Advice | Website Design –

The first thing your visitors will see when they visit your blog needs to be eye-catching and appealing. It needs to be attractive, innovative, and clever. But more than that, it needs to tell them what’s different about you, what you’re offering, and why they should take the time to keep reading. In other words, how your readers experience content on your blog directly affects shares on social networks, newsletter subscribers and even sales (if that’s your goal). If you’re serious about building an audience through blogging, it’s vitally important to optimize the design to convert visitors into regular readers, subscribers and even paying clients.

Ensure Readability | Blog Design Advice

It’s a good idea to limit the number of fonts to no more than three – one for post titles, one for the sidebar titles, and another for the actual text in the body. Using too many fonts tend to make a page look really cluttered, which can make reading more challenging. Additionally, when choosing fonts for your text, look for readable fonts in a legible size. You should also minimize your use of font weights to two or less. For example, use bold for headlines and light or regular for copy, but do it sparingly. The more font weights you use, the more chaotic it gets for the reader to interpret.

Blog Design Advice | How To Design A Blog That Stands Out - Tips, ...

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Simplify Navigation | Blog Design Advice

Navigation usually refers to the links we include in our horizontal navigation menus and sidebars. The purpose of navigation is to make it easy for your visitors to browse and “navigate” through your blog. Since the navigation bars and/or sidebars are visible on each page of your blog, the information you decide to include in these areas has to be meaningful and useful. Too many navigation links compete for the reader’s attention, so keep it simple with just the most important links to help the visitor discover the very best content on your blog. Adding a list of “popular posts” to the sidebar is another great idea, especially if it is curated to direct traffic to your highest-converting blog articles.

Use Plenty Of White Space | Blog Design Advice

A crowded page can feel claustrophobic and overwhelming, even when it’s well-organized. Using plenty of white space, or having well-spaced page elements, makes those sections more noticeable and easier to read. Spacing in between the lines is also very important, so try not to include too much, but don’t space the lines too tight either. Aside from effectively using padding and margins, the best way to utilize white space is to simply get rid of everything that doesn’t add value. Do you really need that tag cloud? No, you don’t. Nobody uses those.

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Blog Design Advice | How To Design A Blog That Stands Out - Tips, ...

Color Theory | Blog Design Advice

Your blog should have a primary color, a shade of grey, and a call to action color. The main color is the first color you want people to see and the last color you want them to remember. Picking colors is not an easy task, because along with limiting your color scheme to two or three, your primary and call to action colors should complement one another. To find scientifically matching color schemes, start with your primary color and find supplementary colors using one of the online tools.

Blog Design Advice | Website Design –

Don’t Overwhelm Your Visitors | Blog Design Advice

When setting up a blog, you may be tempted to go crazy. After all, you want your blog to stand out and people to remember you. How harmful can a rainbow of colours and a plethora of fonts be? The answer is: very! We’re sure you’ve heard this from many people, but just to reinforce – simplicity never fails. When in doubt – subtract. That’s the best design advice you’ll ever get. Make it easy on your audience, and don’t let it get too cluttered.

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