Blog Design Checklist | Growing Your Blog Like A Pro: A Design Checklist For Beginners

Blog Design Checklist | Growing Your Blog Like A Pro: A Design Check

Blog Design Checklist | Designing a blog can be as simple as applying a free theme and installing a couple of widgets. But if you take your blog seriously and you want it to stand out, the first step is understanding the principles of great design. Most people decide whether to stay on or leave a website in the first few seconds. If you want your visitors to stay for longer to actually read your content, your website has to look appealing, be easy to navigate, and show off useful and informative content right off the bat. In other words, how your visitors experience content on your blog considerably affects social shares, newsletter subscribers and even sales (if that’s your end goal).

Blog Design Checklist | Website Design –

If you’re serious about building an audience through blogging, it’s vitally important that you optimize the design of your blog to convert visitors into regular readers, subscribers and clients. While a fair amount of the design can be driven by your own preferences, there are a few web design best practices you should try to follow and certain mistakes to avoid. Keeping these essential factors in mind can help you make sure that your blog is designed to provide the optimal user experience and keep readers coming back for more.

Typography Essentials Explained | Blog Design Checklist

Typography plays a big role in creating visual hierarchy and contrast. It’s a wise idea to limit the number of fonts to no more than three: one for post titles, one for the sidebar titles, and another for the page content itself. Additionally, when choosing fonts for your body content, look for legible fonts in a readable size. You should also minimize your use of font weights to two or less. For example, use bold for headlines and light or regular for the rest of the text. The more font weights you use, the more chaotic it gets for the reader to interpret.

Blog Design Checklist | Growing Your Blog Like A Pro: A Design Check

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Include Great Images | Blog Design Checklist

Being successful means that you are constantly able to attract visitors by posting content they feel drawn to. Considering your visitor’s experience when viewing your blog instead of solely your own will make your blog a happier place for others to gather. As important as your writing and topics are for your blog, there’s no getting around the simple fact that most visitors will respond to engaging visual elements. That’s why it’s so essential to include beautiful, bold and high-impact imagery in your blog posts.

Don’t Forget About White Space | Blog Design Checklist

We’ve all heard of it, but are you really using it appropriately? Giving elements breathing room makes a world of difference. Aside from effectively using padding and margins for your content, the best way to use white space is to simply get rid of everything that doesn’t add value or contribute towards achieving your goals. Spacing in between the lines is also very important. Not too much, but not too tight either.

Simplify Navigation | Blog Design Checklist

A lot of people can make decisions about what to them is “pretty” or “appealing”, but a pretty blog that is impossible to read, navigate or use is pointless. If your visitors want to read posts from a particular date, would they know where to go? What if they wanted to see all your posts under a specific tag? Make it as easy as possible for your visitors to navigate your blog so they can focus on your content.

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Blog Design Checklist | Growing Your Blog Like A Pro: A Design Check

Make Your Content Look Good | Blog Design Checklist

Colors, when used right, can be incredibly powerful. They’re magnetic and draw attention. It’s best to choose colors that direct attention to the areas where you want your visitor’s attention and eyes to go. Your blog should have a main color, a shade of grey, and a call to action color. The main color is the first color you want your visitors to see and the last color you want them to remember. However, using too many colors can become a distraction, there will be too many places for the eye to go and it can cause attention paralysis.

Blog Design Checklist | Website Design –

Ensure Consistency | Blog Design Checklist

It’s important to keep your design elements consistent. Let’s say you place your next and cancel buttons in a particular area of a dialog window. If their position change across pages, the user might perform the wrong action (such as cancelling an order without submitting it). Also, if you’re using one button style on one page, make sure you use the same style on the rest of your blog. If you’re using photography in the header of the page, make sure you keep it consistent with the rest of the art assets.

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