Blog Optimization Guide | 5 Fun Design Tips To Make Your Blog Stand Out And Convert More Visitors

Blog Optimization Guide | 5 Fun Design Tips To Make Your Blog Stand...

Blog Optimization Guide | Over the years, internet users have become pickier about the websites they choose to browse. Simply creating high-quality content is no longer enough. The presentation of that content is just as crucial. Whether you’re creating a presentation, writing a document, or setting up an online course, graphic design is what brings your content to life. The importance of graphic design should never be underestimated — good graphics can take an otherwise boring piece of content and turn it into something that is both engaging and memorable. If you want your visitors to stick around longer and actually read your content, your website has to make a great impression the moment they land there.

Blog Optimization Guide | Website Design –

Setting up a blog can be as simple as applying a free theme and installing a handful of widgets. But if you take your blog seriously and you want it to stand out for all the right reasons, the first step is understanding the principles of good design. Of course, hiring a professional is your best options when it comes to design projects, such as designing your website. However, if you are just starting out in the world of brand building through blogging, here are five graphic design tips that will help you get started.

Define Your Goals | Blog Optimization Guide

Before you launch your blog, it’s vitally important that you clearly define your goals for it. The purpose of design is to get your website to convert towards your goals. That’s it. Everything else comes secondary. Your blog has a far better chance of success if you know from the get-go what you want it to achieve. Are you trying to establish yourself as an expert in your industry? Are you trying to promote your products? Are you simply blogging for fun and to share your ideas and opinions?

Blog Optimization Guide | 5 Fun Design Tips To Make Your Blog Stand...

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Use More Than One Font | Blog Optimization Guide

One of the easiest and most effective graphic design changes you can make is diversifying your font selection. This means doing away with the default fonts you’re used to seeing around the web and finding new fonts that communicate a sense of personality and your unique style. However, keep in mind that you still need to ensure consistency throughout your blog, so try not to overdo it. At most, use one font for your logo, one for your headlines, and one for your body content. Any more and your blog’ll look too cluttered.

Use Colors Consistently | Blog Optimization Guide

Your blog is an extension of your brand. Just like popular brands such as Coke or Nike, your blog represents a specific message and image to your audience, which is your brand. Your blog’s design and content should consistently reinforce your overall brand image and message. Choose colors the same way you chose fonts, using a three-color rule: one color for the background, another as a secondary color, and a third as an accent color for calls to action. Additionally, use these three colors throughout your content consistently. When combined with the three-font rule, the use of color adds an additional sense of personality to the content.

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Blog Optimization Guide | 5 Fun Design Tips To Make Your Blog Stand...

Simplify Navigation | Blog Optimization Guide

If your visitors want to read posts from a specific date, would they know how to find them? What if they wanted to see all your posts under a specific tag? Design is a subjective art; meaning not everyone likes the same things. But no one likes ugly websites, and no one likes websites that require a university degree to navigate. Make it easy for your visitors. Think of new and useful ways to organize your content. Maybe your website could benefit from drop down menus. Or maybe it’s the other way around, and your menu tree is too cluttered. Imagine yourself as a new visitor and see how you would react to the user interface of your blog.

Blog Optimization Guide | Website Design –

Be A Speed Freak | Blog Optimization Guide

Your audience does not enjoy waiting around for web pages to finish loading, and studies show that delays of more than one to two seconds significantly affect user experience because they interrupt the visitor’s train of thought. There are many factors than can make a blog slow, but this problem is particularly common with image-rich blogs, so make sure you optimize the images for the web. Cut out all the plugins that don’t add value to your website. By reducing the amount of information being sent to your visitors, you’ll easily improve their experience while minimizing your bandwidth costs.

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