Brand Building Guide | Build A Purpose Driven Brand: Essential Branding Steps For Your Business

Brand Building Guide | Build A Purpose Driven Brand: Esse...

Brand Building Guide | Effective and well-executed branding is the cornerstone of any established business. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets, but do you know what exactly branding means? How does it affect a small business like yours? It can help you to convey who you are and what your business does more clearly, help you to reach more clients, build loyalty, and inspire confidence in your products.

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Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be. The benefits that a strategically built brand can bring are the same as when people fall in love with each other. It leads to loyalty, advocacy and can even protect your price in times when your competition relies on promotional discounts and coupons to drive sales. Are you wondering how you can build a strong brand on a limited budget? Here are our top tips to help you get started.

Defining Your Brand | Brand Building Guide

Defining your brand is like a journey of business self-discovery. It can be overwhelming, time-consuming and uncomfortable, but the benefits are worth it. Review the product or service your business provides, determine the place in the market it occupies and research the emotive and rational needs and concerns of your potential clients and target audience. Your brand character should promote your business, connect with your client base and help you stand out in the market.

Brand Building Guide | Build A Purpose Driven Brand: Esse...

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Have A Unique Name | Brand Building Guide

An effective brand is easily recognizable, and recognition starts with the name of your business. Choosing a business name is crucial step in the business planning process. Not only should you choose a name that conveys your brand’s nature and character, but you also need to make sure it is properly registered and protected for the long run. The name will appear on your business cards, letterhead, website, social networks, promotional materials, products, and pretty much everywhere in print and online to identify your business or your products and services.

Speak To Your Customers With A Consistent Tone Of Voice | Brand Building Guide

What you say is important, but don’t ignore the way you say it. Your brand’s voice is the language and personality you and your employees will use to communicate your branding message and interact with your clients. This voice should be applied to all written communication and included in the visual imagery of all materials, online and off. It will help reinforce the brand and clarify your offering so clients are aware exactly what to expect from the product or service. Is your brand friendly? Be witty and talkative. Is it posh? Be more formal.

Design A Memorable Logo | Brand Building Guide

Chances are, if you already launched a business, you already figured out a name. So your next step in your brand strategy is to design a memorable logo to go with that name. When creating a logo for your small business, you will want to make sure that it is powerful enough to make people remember it. It should be clean, simple, clear, and uncluttered. As you think about your logo, keep your audience and products in mind, because you want your logo to convey the nature of your brand. A good logo builds trust and a strong logo will help to pull your brand together.

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Brand Building Guide | Build A Purpose Driven Brand: Esse...

Build Great Products And Services | Brand Building Guide

Some business owners stop focusing on building great products and services when they become successful. This is a serious mistake. Even the most successful brand will suffer when it starts selling average or below average products or services. Even the most outgoing and charming small business owner is not going to succeed in bringing clients back, unless the product or service they provide delivers and exceeds expectations. Don’t lose sight of your product – keep refining it, trying out new services, and making sure you always put product first, not the money it brings in.

Brand Building Guide | Website Design –

Be Consistent | Brand Building Guide

We placed this point last only because it involves all of the above and is the most crucial tip. If you can’t do this, your attempts at building a successful brand will fail. Many small businesses mistakenly change their messaging and even imagery depending on their audience. For example, a business owner might take a more serious tone on their website but a very lighthearted tone on their Facebook fan page. From business cards and logo to email newsletters and brick-and-mortar signage, all of your printed marketing and sales materials should look, feel and sound like they come from the same source.

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