Brand Building Tips | Six Ways Your Brand May Be Missing The Mark – And What You Can Do About It

Brand Building Tips | Ten Ways Your Brand May Be Missing...

Brand Building Tips | While in the process of trying to communicate your brand throughout every part of your company, missteps can and do happen. You make choices, and sometimes, you make the wrong ones. While this is definitely understandable, and even forgivable, it can have a really negative effect on how you’re seen by your existing and potential clients, and even competition.

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The main idea is to translate something abstract, like who your company is, into something tangible that your target audience can see, hear, read, remember, and recognize. It’s not an easy mission. Whether you’re a multinational conglomerate or a one-person shop in a small town, you are a brand. That means you’re subjected to the exact same brand rules as Apple, Coca Cola, and General Motors, only with a minuscule part of their marketing and advertising budgets.

Making these common branding mistakes could limit the potential growth of your company and endanger your profits. You can set your business apart from the competition by avoiding these six common branding mistakes with consistent marketing communications and a solid brand identity.

Have a fitting logo | Brand Building Tips

The first and one of the biggest mistakes of marketing is not having a brand at all. A brand can be defined as the visual elements such as logo, company name, slogan or tagline, and color palette used to convey your business identity. Choosing a logo is one of the most important, and most frequently mistaken, branding choices a small business owner makes. The bottom line is, you want something that is recognizable, and memorable.

If your branding is centered around a graphic made in Windows 95 or another software program that’s 3+ years old, this is your wake-up call. You as a company are conveying a lack of technological prowess – a perception that can easily spill over and taint your “expert” credibility. The right image and slogan can go a long way to making your brand memorable.

Brand Building Tips | Ten Ways Your Brand May Be Missing...

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Don’t think your brand is just your logo | Brand Building Tips

Your brand is not just your logo! It is the perception that your existing and potential clients have of your business, and it is formed through everything that you do. Your logo is an important part of this, but thinking about the messages that people get from your business as a whole will give you a better foundation for your new brand. For the best results you should involve people from across your company in the development of your new brand. Brand workshops are a great way to bring together a diverse group to talk about what makes your business special and what it should stand for.

Listen to your audiences | Brand Building Tips

In order to be truly engaging, small businesses must create a personality for their brand, interact with clients, and be a natural extension of their target audiences’ personal interests. Your clients are a great source of information about how your organisation is perceived, and getting input from many perspectives is important to the branding process.

Keep your promises | Brand Building Tips

The least expensive way to brand yourself is to have your clients do it for you. How do you get them to become evangelists? By under-promising and over-delivering. If part of your brand message is a guarantee of fast and reliable service, then that should always be provided. Reputation is a massive element of your brand, and when you start breaking promises, your business will quickly feel the negative affects.

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Brand Building Tips | Ten Ways Your Brand May Be Missing...

Keep your messages consistent | Brand Building Tips

Once you have rolled out your new branding, you need to apply it consistently and police how others are using it. A great way to manage this is by creating brand guidelines which tell everyone in your organisation how the brand identity should be applied. If your brand’s voice isn’t consistent across every channel than it may put a fork in your credibility.

Brand Building Tips | Website Design –

Avoid me-too branding | Brand Building Tips

The final mistake that many owners make is lacking the creative, differentiating aspect in their branding strategy. You want to stand out from the rest, not use the same boilerplate logo and website. Don’t try to be like other businesses: Be yourself. There will always be a sub-segment of the market that likes what you do better than what the market leader does, and that’s the percentage of the market you can skim off.

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