Branded Marketing Collateral Design | The 5 Most Important Design Tips To Get Your Marketing Collateral Right!

Branded Marketing Collateral Design | The 5 Most Important Design ...

Branded Marketing Collateral Design | Living in today’s digital world has its perks, we’re not going to lie! Whether doing some late night shopping on Amazon, or watching funny cat videos, we all use the Internet on a daily basis, and thanks to mobile devices, we remain connected most of the day! You no longer have to wait till you get to the office to check your mail, and you can reach your potential or existing clients in a matter of minutes through email, social media, or even a text. However, that doesn’t mean that printed marketing materials are a thing of the past – quite the contrary!

Branded Marketing Collateral Design | Website Design –

There’s a certain intimacy and closeness lost with a quick tweet or text that makes printed marketing collateral irreplaceable. Not only that, but effective marketing collateral can be the critical difference between a near-sale and a loyal client for life. Here are some of our favorite tips for designing your own market collateral or revising the materials you already have to make it perform better.

What’s Your First Impression? | Branded Marketing Collateral Design

Let’s get one thing straight – we love to judge. Sometimes we do it without even noticing. Whether you’re browsing the Netflix catalog and decide to watch something because you liked the thumbnail, or you decide to purchase a more expensive case for your phone because it looks better, even though the functionality is pretty much the same, you’re being guided by the first impressions. Your potential clients are the same, which means that you can’t afford to waste any chances to leave a long-lasting impression on them. Yet, you’d be amazed how many business owners decide to cut corners when it comes to their marketing materials and either skip having them designed, or using generic templates countless other business owners are using.

Branded Marketing Collateral Design | The 5 Most Important Design ...

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Your job is to make sure that your marketing materials stand out from even the largest pile. However, being unique doesn’t mean throwing out the basic tenets of marketing and design. But with a little creativity, you can incorporate out-of-the-box typography, an unexpected use of color, or a dash of purposeful discontinuity that will build an engaging and memorable experience. Which leads us to our next point!

Brand It Or Lose It | Branded Marketing Collateral Design

You’ll want to make sure that your marketing collateral not only stands out but also represents your business and the nature of your brand. At the end of the day, you want your collateral to perfectly match the rest of your branded materials, including even your website. This is a lot easier to achieve than you might think! What you’ll need to do is clearly define your branding guidelines and brand elements such as colors, fonts, graphics, and even brand-oriented words. By doing this, you’ll be able to ensure consistency throughout your materials and turn your brand into a memorable visual experience.

Readability Is Crucial | Branded Marketing Collateral Design

The main purpose of your marketing collateral is to communicate a particular message – whether you’re promoting the latest discount, describing your offerings in depth, or simply trying to provide your potential clients with your contact details. This is why readability is absolutely crucial. How hard do you think a potential client will try to read a description of your latest product if you use a complex calligraphic font? It’s best to leave those fancy complex fonts for your Pinterest collection, and opt for a simple, easy to read font for your marketing collateral!

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Branded Marketing Collateral Design | The 5 Most Important Design ...

You’ll also want to pay attention to the size of the fonts you use! Make sure your potential clients can read the content effortlessly and without needing a magnifying glass! It’s best to use fonts larger than 8pts throughout your materials, especially for the most important details, such as your contact information on your business card. And lastly, you’ll want to ensure there’s enough contrast between the text and the background. For example, using a light gray font on a white background is the perfect recipe for a disaster.

Paper Stock You Use Can Make Or Break Your First Impression | Branded Marketing Collateral Design

We’re tactile beings, which means we start forming our first impressions based on all senses, not just the sight, so you’ll want to look beyond just the design and consider investing in the right paper stock. You want your company to appear professional and reputable, which means that you need to have the highest quality paper and printing that is economically feasible. Think about it, what kind of an impression will a business card leave if it bends easily, or even worse, gets torn in the your client’s wallet? Don’t cut corners here; instead, invest in high-quality paper and you’ll leave a great impression long before your potential clients even get a chance to check out your website!

Branded Marketing Collateral Design | Website Design –

Bridge The Gap Between Your Online And Offline Materials | Branded Marketing Collateral Design

Just because most marketing collateral items haven’t changed that much in the past few decades, it doesn’t mean you can’t add that extra punch to them. For example, the business card has stay the same for years now, featuring your most important contact details and not much else. However, you can easily turn this around by including a QR code or a NFC chip. This will not only help your business card stand out and spark interest, but it will also enable it to send your potential client directly to your portfolio page or the services page of your website by a single tap with their smartphone.

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