Branded Photography Stationery | Print Is Not Dead! Five Easy Tips To Get More Out Of Your Stationery Package

Branded Photography Stationery | Print Is Not Dead! Five Easy Tips ...

Branded Photography Stationery | Building an effective brand requires much more than getting a random logo from a crowd-sourcing website and slapping it on a free business card template you found online. It takes deliberate, dedicated, well thought-out strategy to tie in together all the materials you use to promote your photography business. From your logo and business cards to your website and the flyers you’re using to get the word about your business out there, all your materials should look, feel, and sound like they came from the same source. This, of course, trickles into the stationery as well.

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Even though it’s safe to say we live in a digital age, there’s still so much left to be said about the printed materials we use on a daily basis. Sure, you can reach your clients effortlessly and almost instantly by emailing them, but there’s certain intimacy lost that only a letter written on a custom letterhead and mailed in a personalized envelope can convey. And the good news is that creating branded photography stationery doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and it shows your potential and existing clients that you value them! Yet, you’d be amazed how many photographers overlook this powerful branding tool!

Should You Even Care About Stationery? | Branded Photography Stationery

Yes! Here’s the thing with stationery items: when it comes to their functionality, many of them have been replaced by the modern technology. However, remember the last time you received a custom thank you card from a business owner thanking you for doing business with them? Chances are, you held onto it a lot longer than you would keep an email in your inbox. So, the next time you pull your phone out in a line at Starbucks to quickly email a client telling them you enjoyed working with them, think just how much more effective a simple printed thank you card would be.

Branded Photography Stationery | Print Is Not Dead! Five Easy Tips ...

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If you’re smart about your stationery, you can even get new business out of it! For example, many photographers still like to use USB drives to deliver the images to clients, but you’d be amazed just how many of them use cheap drives they got on eBay. Using customized USB drives and matching them with decorative boxes will definitely have your clients Instagramming the package and raving about the experience they had working with you, which will boost brand awareness and help you get in front of more potential clients.

Stand Out From The Crowd | Branded Photography Stationery

Still not convinced? In addition to showing your clients you value them, personalized stationery will portray you as an established and successful business person! However, in order to leave a favorable and memorable impression, it’s important to use only the most premium paper and other materials for your professional correspondence. A client will definitely notice the difference between standard photocopy paper and thick, glossy, high-quality paper. This seemingly small detail can be enough to change the image of your photography business and the quality of your services in the mind of your target market.

Be Selective | Branded Photography Stationery

Depending on the type and the size of your photography business, you’ll want to have a professional design your logo, business card, referral cards, coupons, letterhead, compliment slip, leaflet, envelopes, and even packaging that conveys and reinforces your brand. Remember, though, that all these items will be effective only if they portray a consistent and cohesive image of your business, so if you deliver images to your clients on USB drives, you will want to consider investing in custom boxes as well. However, if you deliver the images digitally, you’ll end up with hundreds of USB boxes lying around your office.

Color Me Interested | Branded Photography Stationery

The color is often said to be a designer’s best friend, and we couldn’t agree more! Whenever we start designing a stationery package for a photographer, the very first thing we ask is whether they already have a defined brand color scheme. Using the same color scheme throughout your materials will turn your stationery into a cohesive unit and your brand into a memorable visual experience. If you don’t already have brand colors, you have free rein; just keep in mind that each color has a different meaning, so do your research before you communicate the wrong message with a single brush stroke.

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Branded Photography Stationery | Print Is Not Dead! Five Easy Tips ...

Less Really Is More | Branded Photography Stationery

The benefits of an effective stationery package are practically unlimited. However, make sure you keep the original purpose of each stationery item in mind during the design process. No matter how creative the design is, if it overshadows the actual content and the message you’re trying to convey, it won’t do you any good. So, when choosing the color scheme, for example, make sure you stick to 2-3 colors max. Using a ton of contrasting colors will definitely make your stationery items stand out from a pile, but it might be for all the wrong reasons.

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There are other things that can detract from the impact of your message as well, not just poorly chosen colors. For example, using a complex calligraphic font that’s difficult to read will only frustrate your potential clients. Readability is absolutely vital, so make sure recipients can read your message, as well as your contact details at a single glance! At the end of the day, stationery items are communication tools, and readability is one of the few factors that can make or break your first impression.

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