Branded Stationery Design | Freshen Up Your Marketing With Spotless Stationery Design

Branded Stationery Design | Freshen Up Your Marketing With ...

Branded Stationery Design | Even though we live in a digital age where online communication is on the rise, business stationery is still vitally important when it comes to business correspondence. A company’s business stationery, used for snail-mail letters, marketing and other communication, should portray the company’s brand in an appropriate and appealing way. Together with coordinating business cards, envelopes, and printed sales materials, business stationery should make a lasting impression of the business through intelligent choices of logo, colors, and other elements.

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Just like business cards, business stationery is no longer used just to provide basic information about your business. It will help potential clients form an impression of your business by conveying the image that you want your business to project. When you can’t be there to represent yourself to a potential client or business partner, your business stationery can. It should make a bold statement, and a leave memorable impression. Take a look at your stationery. What does it say about your brand? What does it say about your products and services?

Logo | Branded Stationery Design

Since your logo is the face of your business, it’s absolutely crucial to include it on each item of your stationery. Identify your brand to clients by designing a business logo. Choose a clean, straightforward design that looks great on business stationery. Your business logo could be placed at the top of business stationery, close to the business address and other contact information. It may also be placed near the bottom of the page, if that’s what fits your design the best.

Branded Stationery Design | Freshen Up Your Marketing With ...

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Business Card | Branded Stationery Design

Business cards are an essential part of any marketing strategy. When you hand out your business card, your potential clients will instantly form an opinion about your business. Business card designs can vary slightly from the company’s headed paper, but should have the same logo and the basic contact details such as telephone, mobile, email, and website. Keep in mind that a good quality card will leave a far better impression than a flimsy, cheaper grade of cardboard.

Letterhead | Branded Stationery Design

Your letterhead delivers all the basic contact information about your business. Ideally, it will provide easy to read information in such a way that is consistent with your other branded materials. It should include your company name and address, logo, slogan (if you have one), phone and fax numbers, website and email address. A typical design will feature a logo and company name at the top or left corner of the page. Contact details are located in the top right corner. Remember to leave plenty of white space for letter content.

Choose The Right Color Scheme | Branded Stationery Design

Your business stationary should include color to make it stand out. Matching the colors in your logo to those on your stationery is a great idea for branding purposes, so try to limit color choices to those that are consistent with your business identity. Keeping a consistent logo and color scheme across all company communication can help to strengthen the company’s brand, boost client loyalty and improve brand exposure. However, white space is still the critical element of any stationery design.

Pick Impressive Paper | Branded Stationery Design

Once the colors, logo and design have been chosen, it’s time to choose the paper for the final printed version. It’s incredibly important to use only the most premium paper or highest quality card-stock for your professional correspondence. As long as it’s thick and the texture feels luxurious, you will definitely leave the right impression. Choosing high-quality paper for your business stationery will make it look more professional, and this small detail can be enough to change the perception of your brand in the mind of a potential client.

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Branded Stationery Design | Freshen Up Your Marketing With ...

Font Matters | Branded Stationery Design

While most brands will try and stand out from the crowd with their custom printing designs, make sure that you do not choose unreadable or complicated fonts. Your potential clients will be looking for text that is easy on the eye, that can convey information clearly and efficiently. Text should be printed in an easy-to-read format, aligned left to right. Using no more than two different fonts keeps the style consistent and the text readable. Print your business name in a large font (13 point or over), and use a medium-sized font (between 9 and 12 point) for contact information.

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Brochures, business cards, compliment slips, or pens can be used in a powerful way that can considerably boost your revenue, so get to thinking about how your stationery can work for you. Even the smallest details can really make your stationery stand out. Whether you go with elegant envelope liners or classy address labels, these additions will make a huge difference as to how potential clients perceive your company.

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