Build Customer Loyalty | How To Stop Customers From Cheating On You With Your Competitors

Build Customer Loyalty | How To Stop Customers From Cheat...

Build Customer Loyalty | Loyal customers can be a critical factor of sustainable business growth. They’re generally not price-sensitive, can be nearly immune to your competitor’s marketing efforts, and can become a powerful element of your marketing strategy, going out of their way to promote and defend your brand both online and offline; and all that for free. With thousands of brands running around and begging for recognition, we know that customer loyalty is vital in getting your brand to the top. But how do you turn people from casual customers to loyal fans?

Build Customer Loyalty | Website Design –

A successful business typically sees 80 percent of its revenue come from 20 percent of its customers. Add to this the fact that the cost of getting new customers is significantly more than that of maintaining a relationship with existing ones, and you have a powerful reason to keep that core customer base happy. Business owners tend to think that, if they offer a quality product or service, their customers will be happy with them. However, in order to keep customers coming back to their stores, business owners have to create a bond with their customers and solidify those relationships. How can your brand build customer loyalty? What will keep your customers coming back?

Tap Into What Your Guests Want | Build Customer Loyalty

To really show your appreciation, you have to first understand your customers’ motivations. Do your research: pay attention to trends and make decisions based on that research. Being tuned in to what customers want, and being sensitive to their ever-changing needs will help you become more resourceful and innovative down the road. Anticipate customer wishes! When a customer’s need is met before it has been expressed, it sends the message that you care about them as an individual. That is an effective way to set yourself apart from other businesses and help you build memorable, lasting customer relationships.

Build Customer Loyalty | How To Stop Customers From Cheat...

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Reward The Customer | Build Customer Loyalty

From store cards that offer discounts on certain items, to free gifts with purchase, there are many ways to run a customer reward program. Before you spend a lot of money on marketing, consider what type of reward you value most as a customer yourself. It’s a no-brainer method to get people coming back. The greater the rewards, the more business you can expect. Think big, but practical at the same time.

Keep In Touch, But Do It Meaningfully | Build Customer Loyalty

After people have subscribed to your newsletter, send them information they could be actually interested in. Yes, send them coupons and information on upcoming sales, but don’t stop there. Figure out a way to include engaging content. Consumers like knowing that someone is thinking about them. In return, a loyal customer will keep those cash registers working.

Provide Great Customer Service | Build Customer Loyalty

Good customer service means going the extra mile to meet customer needs. Customers remember being treated well, and positive customer experiences result in repeat business. Be ready to help upset customers. Generally, you cannot solve a problem if you don’t own the problem. It’s your job to help, not just sell. Stay involved until the issue is resolved, don’t just pass it off, and wash your hands of the situation. Acknowledge that each and every complaint is an opportunity, NOT an interruption to the work day! Complaints are an effective way to collect feedback and problem solve your policies, procedures and processes.

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Build Customer Loyalty | How To Stop Customers From Cheat...

Reward Your Superstars | Build Customer Loyalty

A rewards program is an amazing way to appreciate loyal guests, and bring in new ones. Make a big deal out of a referral by, for example, sending a coupon for two free meals at the best restaurant in town to the referrer. They will appreciate and remember the gesture, and will be more likely to send further referrals. Customers love to know that you care about them and rewarding them with a discount for their loyalty is something they will greatly appreciate. You can also run these promotions easily through your website or your Facebook page!

Build Customer Loyalty | Website Design –

Train Employees Thoroughly | Build Customer Loyalty

Your employees are the face of your business, and training can empower them to make your brand grow. Training sessions should be a positive experience; boring training sessions are a waste both of time and money, and foster a negative attitude toward the company. Make every hello and goodbye perfect. Psychological studies show that customers remember the first and last minutes of a service encounter much more vividly, and for much longer than all the rest. The first and final elements of your customer interactions should be particularly well-engineered, because they are going to stick in the customer’s memory.

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