Business Card Design Essentials | 5 Things You Have To Know To Design A Killer Business Card That Gets You Noticed

Business Card Design Essentials | 5 Things You Have To ...

Business Card Design Essentials | Business cards are one of the oldest business tools in the book, dating as far back as 15th century China and 17th century Europe. And after all this time, business cards are still one of the most effective networking tools business owners can have in their marketing arsenals. How much can a business card say about you and your business? A lot! A business card is essentially like a face: it’s the first thing people see when they “meet” your business.

Business Card Design Essentials | Website Design –

You may have heard that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is especially true for marketing and sales, and for many of your potential clients, your business card is exactly that first impression. If you don’t have a card you can hand out to potential clients or business partners, you’re missing out on a vital marketing opportunity. Design an effective business card and you can elevate your business above your competitors before the potential client has even seen your website! So, with all that in mind we’ve brought together 5 of our top tips for creating effective, innovative business cards.

Stand Out! | Business Card Design Essentials

Keep in mind that people may get hundreds of business cards during a single workweek, which is exactly why your card should stand out from the pile. The average business card size is 3.5″ x 2″, so you don’t have too much space to work with, but you can still get creative with the space: start by figuring out the key information you need to include, and then work your design around presenting this information in a creative way and memorable way.

Business Card Design Essentials | 5 Things You Have To ...

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Clutter Will Make Your Card Stand Out… For All The Wrong Reasons | Business Card Design Essentials

Do try to keep the design of your cards clean and simple, and avoid visual overload or clutter at all costs. Consider using the back of the card or create a folded business card if you need more space for additional information. However, make sure you keep the practicality of your card in mind. How often will people see the back of your business card? Traditional business card holders assume that the back side is blank, so if you do decide to put copy on it, be sure the information is of a supplemental nature, like your company’s mission or tagline.

Be Deliberate In Choosing The Information To Appear On Your Card | Business Card Design Essentials

Keep the main goal of business cards in mind at all times. Business cards are used to provide potential clients with your business information so that they can get in touch with you easily later on. Think carefully about which contact details to include – you have to achieve a balance between providing enough points of contact, without having your card overwhelm your potential clients. What’s most important? Your name definitely needs to be there, along with the name of your company (via your logo), your phone number, website, and your e-mail address.

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Business Card Design Essentials | 5 Things You Have To ...

Paper Stock Can Make Or Break Your Card | Business Card Design Essentials

Don’t use cheap, thin paper. It will only make your potential clients wonder about the quality of your product or service. Try thinking of your card as you would a handshake – nobody likes a limp handshake, so why would they like a limp business card? First you need your business card to be sturdy so it doesn’t get dented or torn in a wallet or business card holder. Then, you’ll also want to think about the finish. It’s always nice to be able to write down some additional information on your card if need be, so keep in mind that certain types of finishes or coats won’t allow this, such as glossy finishes, for example.

Business Card Design Essentials | Website Design –

Make Your Business Card Do More | Business Card Design Essentials

Your business card can not only act as an information provider for your business, but you can also make it worth more for your clients by including some sort of freebies printed on the card, such as discount codes, toll free number, free consultation, and many more. You should also consider including a QR code. It’s a modern tool that enables the recipient to scan the code on a business card with a smartphone camera. The code can redirect them to your website, online portfolio, or even save your contact information in their smartphone. It’s a perfect way to bridge the gap between a business card and your online work, and a great way to make it easier for potential clients to contact you.

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