Business Card Design Recommendations | Vitally Important Business Card Design Tips To Help You Jumpstart Your Networking Efforts

Business Card Design Recommendations | Vitally Important Business ...

Business Card Design Recommendations | Despite the move to everything digital, the exchange of business cards is a time-tested tradition in face-to-face business interactions. Your business card will often act a representation of your business, and therefore, will be the first thing that potential clients see. They’ll likely see your business card long before they visit your website, flip through your brochure or your leaflet; yet still, a large number of entrepreneurs choose not to invest in a high quality business card design.

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With a few exceptions, it’s quite easy to spot a cheap business card printed on a home printer. When you choose to “go cheap” on your business cards, are you really doing yourself any favors by missing out on the opportunity to build a memorable brand image right from the get-go? Savvy, well-connected business owners never leave office without a pile of business cards in their wallet or purse, but do you know what it is exactly that makes a business card effective?

Understand The Purpose Of The Card | Business Card Design Recommendations

Whatever you do, your business card ultimately acts as a connection between your business and your clients. Anything beside that is an extra and should be treated as such. Include only the contact information that is absolutely necessary. For example, your email, phone, cell, website, address, and of course, your name and job title. You don’t have to include a complete list of services or every single mailing address if your business has multiple locations.

Business Card Design Recommendations | Vitally Important Business ...

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Adjust The Tone Of The Business Card To The Tone Of Your Company | Business Card Design Recommendations

If what you do is funny or entertaining, rest assured no one is expecting a boring card from you, unless you write on the back “This is incredibly boring! Come see how we do fun!” You want to make sure your business card stands out and is remembered, particularly when exchanging at a networking event. Anything you can do to make the card interesting, yet reinforce the identity of the business will help make your business card unforgettable. If you make things, for example, then a handmade card would represent your work better than any words can. If professionalism is the core of you business, on the other hand, then go professional all the way.

Make It Readable | Business Card Design Recommendations

Make sure that all the information you include on your card is printed in a large enough font size to be easily readable. As a general rule of thumb, don’t go smaller than 8pt. Also, don’t forget about the font itself: make sure it’s professional and simple – don’t be tempted to use Comic Sans, or a complex calligraphic font that is impossible to decipher. Be sure the font color stands out against the background of the card as well, because light gray type on a white card, for example, makes it impossible to distinguish letters and numbers.

Pay Special Attention To Your Logo | Business Card Design Recommendations

While you need to have written content on one side of the card, think about saving the other side for something more visual. Maybe you could use the space to feature an image of your product, or something else related to your business. You can reinforce your business logo by placing it on the whole back side of your card. This will help make it more recognizable and will serve as a cohesive visual for the business cards of other people working for you.

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Business Card Design Recommendations | Vitally Important Business ...

Think About The Paper Quality | Business Card Design Recommendations

You need your business card to be solid so it doesn’t get dented or torn in a potential client’s wallet or business card holder. Just like a flimsy handshake doesn’t leave a good impression; neither does a flimsy business card. A great way to add some extra punch to your card is to use a special finish. However, keep in mind that people often write additional details on business cards – such as where they get the card, which is much more difficult to do on a laminated card, so consider laminating only one side of your card.

Business Card Design Recommendations | Website Design –

Don’t Use A Non-Standard Size Or Shape | Business Card Design Recommendations

Unless you have a particular need for an unusual shape or size, stick to the usual 3.5 x 2 inch size that fits most wallets, card holders and business card scanners. A round card, for example, really is memorable, but it won’t fit the standard business-card holder devices, and might end up in the trash as a result. You must be willing to trade convenience for memorability if you choose an unconventional shape or size.

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