Business Card Design Trends | Top 5 Surprising Business Card Trends of 2014

Business Card Design Trends | Top 5 Surprising Business Card Trends of 2014

Business Card Design Trends | Business cards are the most important tool of any businessman in the world. Once you hand it to your potential client, there’s no getting it back so when you take that one chance, make sure to leave an amazing impression and not see your business card thrown to the nearest garbage can or left on the desk. So instead of designing yet another mundane business card that will end up in the recycle bin, why not create a memorable and thought provoking design that would be impossible to throw away.

In recent years, business cards have taken on a new life, with designers and creative types pushing the limits of what we once thought a business card should be. The right business card can act as one of your most powerful promotion tools and can actually be fun… if you are ready to put some thought into it. A well-designed and creative card can leave a lasting impression on a potential client or business contact. Here are a few up and coming business card design trends that are sure to help you stand out in 2014.

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1. Business Cards with QR Codes | Business Card Design Trends

A QR code on a simple business card will take your client to any website or page desired. The code is printed simply onto the card and can then be read using an application on any smartphone. This is new yet going to be very significant, people will be opting for more and more QR codes based business card designs and use them to improve the quality of information and perhaps enclose more information then just contact details in business cards.

Business Card Design Trends | Top 5 Surprising Business Card Trends of 2014

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How cool does that sound in the digital world where we are so involved with our smartphones. So, for a business card with a QR code can be used as a great marketing tool and a way to give contact details to a potential client.

2. Fun Shaped Business Cards | Business Card Design Trends

A business card doesn’t have to be a rectangular, wallet sized card. A really different idea which can also get across the theme of the business is to have shaped cards in fun colours and designs. This however doesn’t mean you can go for these fun shape business cards without considering what your business is all about. Keeping your business in mind you can make your choice of modern day business card design.

If there is too much for the eye to focus on, then the client may not focus on the most important areas of the card – namely, your contact details. Typography can be a little more creative to fit in with the theme of the card but should still be clear and readable, and it is worthwhile steering clear of filling the card with too much information.

3. 3D Card Designs | Business Card Design Trends

3D business cards are the ideal option for those in creative industries who want something with a difference that will impress a potential client or contact. Businesses want their card to be the first thing that a potential customer looks at when they are in need of a particular service. This trend was one we never saw coming. As creative as these cards are becoming, who ever thought that they could be truly 3D. It is a truly memorable technique, but is still very young in the trend designs.

4. Simple and Elegant Business Cards | Business Card Design Trends

This may contradict with the other trends of this year, but people are really diving into the minimalistic design trend. The simple designs are easy on the eyes and get straight to the point for your potential clients. Basic information, a simple and elegant logo, accent colors, iconography and the use of negative space can create a simple and classic business card that will appeal to professionals in any industry. This style marries well with the letterpress trend, making for a truly inspiring card.

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Business Card Design Trends | Top 5 Surprising Business Card Trends of 2014

Business Card Design Trends | Website Design –

5. Business Cards made from Unique Materials | Business Card Design Trends

This has been a growing trend over the years, but 3D printers have revolutionized the method in this past year. Having interactive business cards is an astonishing way to engage your clients into your business and definitely a way to impress. The reason for opting to steel, wood, silver, x-rays etc is because it does not only make the card creative but it makes it unique and that is the whole point of having business card at first place. If you visit card observer you will see how much different variety is available for cards to be printed on.

Exchanging business cards is still one of the most popular ways to network offline, why not put in a little time and effort and come up with something creative and memorable? Be different at your next networking event and be the one with the cool business card everyone wants to copy.

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