Business Card Etiquette Advice | How to Improve your Networking with Proper Business Card Etiquettes

Business Card Etiquette Advice | How to Improve your Networking...

Business Card Etiquette Advice | One of the first things you perceive when you are in transition is that your best chances in finding your next job are through networking. But, all it takes is one wrong move to risk your professional appearance. At live networking occasions, where you only have 30 seconds to make a good first impression, you cannot afford to make an incorrect move. Regardless of how trivial it may seem, the world first judges us on how we look. Understanding business card etiquette allows you to feel relaxed in your dealings in networking events and with your associates, consumers or clients. Knowing how to perform and what to say in the right places will help build trust and open lines of communication.

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Hand out your Business Card Humbly | Business Card Etiquette Advice

Avoid appearing forceful with business cards. Wait to be asked for yours. If that isn’t happening, ask the other individual for a card. Reciprocity normally follows. Do not hand out your business card to everybody. Not only is it disrupting, especially if the two people are making a great connection, it is also irritating. Hand out your business cards with discretion. Distribute only one card to each new connection (unless more are requested), rather than expecting them to distribute your cards for you. Exchange business cards at the beginning of meetings to have the names and titles/rank of everyone involved readily obtainable.

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Business Card Etiquette Advice | How to Improve your Networking...

Receive a Business Card With Interest | Business Card Etiquette Advice

Just how many people accept a card, and never bother to even take a glance at it; they just put it in their pocket. This demonstrates a significant lack of interest in the person you’re networking with. Always make a comment about a card when you accept it. Note the logo, the business name or some other piece of information. This places importance on the card. You may feel nervous and want to slip the card into your pocket right away so that you can rush right into the discussion. However, the person with whom you’re about to speak will be much more captivated if you take a moment to observe and comment on their business card.

Keep your Business Cards Updated | Business Card Etiquette Advice

It is inferior business etiquette to hand out cards on which you have crossed off an old phone number and written in the new one. There is no room for errors or typos on a business card. Make sure the copy is flawless. Having errors will undervalue the company’s credibility. The humble business card became the way to get a hold of you. You would hand it out at client meetings, events, and sporadically to friends and family to prove your identity and give that special access to you in your professional ability. So keep it updated.

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Business Card Etiquette Advice | How to Improve your Networking...

Business Card Etiquette Advice | Website Design –

Follow-Up | Business Card Etiquette Advice

Once you’re handed the business card, tell them, ‘I’ll give you a call earlier this week’. Or, if you have no real motive to speak to the person immediately, say that you’ll be following up with an email at some point and then do that. But, the longer you wait, the less likely you are to follow-up, and the less likely you are to be recalled. Following up quickly reflects on how you communicate professionally, and how you value their connection.

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