Business Logo Design Explained | The Makings Of Ridiculously Successful Logos: 6 Questions To Ask When Designing Your Company’s Logo

Business Logo Design Explained | The Makings Of Ridiculously Succes...

Business Logo Design Explained | Before you start designing a business card or choosing the color scheme for your letterhead, you need a logo. It will go a long way in building your brand, so the design shouldn’t be taken lightly. Featuring your company name, embellished with a dash of color and maybe a few simple graphic touches, your logo will act as the basis of all your other branded materials: stationery items, packaging, marketing materials and even signage.

Business Logo Design Explained | Website Design –

In today’s saturated marketplace, the importance of small business brands shouldn’t be underestimated — yet so many small business owners put little to no time into designing their business logo and creating a solid branding strategy. Remember, your potential clients will get their first impression of your business from your logo, so it’s vitally important to get it right. However, it takes creativity and diligence to come up with a design that conveys the essence of your company with just a momentary glance. So, what are some key things to consider?

What’s The Nature Of Your Brand? | Business Logo Design Explained

Yes, a logo is an image, but it’s also an introduction to your entire brand. The logo must appeal to a specific audience and grab the attention of your potential clients, so when designing it, you must keep your clients in mind. Your logo can tell a lot about your business to your audience, so you have to ensure that its design fits your company’s overall message. While it is helpful to stay up to date on design trends, it’s more important to stay true to a brand’s overarching personality.

Business Logo Design Explained | The Makings Of Ridiculously Succes...

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Is Is Unique? | Business Logo Design Explained

A logo is what helps distinguish a brand from its competitors, so it’s critical that the design stands out from the rest — something many brands struggle with. Your logo has to be able to cut through the clutter of your industry and reach your potential clients. In many cases, imitation is the best form of flattery, but when it comes to designing a logo, this is not the case. Define your message and work with a designer to create a design that communicates your vision and message in full.

How To Make It Stand Out? | Business Logo Design Explained

Your logo should be a clean symbol that’s easily reproducible. Simplicity usually makes for memorable logos. However, it’s also crucial to have a balanced combination of simple and quirky — you want your logo to be able to grab your potential client’s attention, but you don’t want someone to have to sit and stare, analyzing the logo. Put a little something different or unexpected into the design to make it stand out from the pack without looking overdrawn.

How Will The Colors Affect The Message? | Business Logo Design Explained

A well designed logo should look great even when the color is removed. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use color, but you should never rely solely on color to communicate your message. Another thing to keep in mind is that your five-color logo may look stunning on a computer screen, but once it comes time to print it on hundreds of stationery items, the price won’t be so appealing. Nor will it work in situations that only allow one or two colors.

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Business Logo Design Explained | The Makings Of Ridiculously Succes...

Does It Look Good In Every Size? | Business Logo Design Explained

In our digital age, where logos appear on multiple devices and across social media, you must come up with something that transcends paper. It has to look great on different backgrounds, work for avatars and print, and it must be flexible in size. A good logo works as both a highway billboard and a Twitter avatar, which means your logo shouldn’t rely on fine print to get the message across. Use vector graphics to ensure versatility: vectors will allow you to scale your logo to any size without affecting the quality.

Business Logo Design Explained | Website Design –

Is It Ready For A Redesign? | Business Logo Design Explained

Once you design your logo, resist the temptation to tweak it. It’s important to stick with the design and not rush to make changes just because you haven’t gotten the reception you initially hoped for. Don’t redesign your logo just because you’re tired of it, or because your competitors have. A recent study showed that a person needs to see a logo five to seven times in order to remember the brand, which means your logo is just starting to gain traction when you get tired of it.

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