Business Stationery Design | The Perfect Stationery Wardrobe: Business, Social, and Thank-You Notes

Business Stationery Design | The Perfect Stationery Wardro...

Business Stationery Design | No matter what kind of business you have set up, stationery items become an essential part of your business. Whether you are a photographer, freelance writer, web designer, graphic designer, or architect, or you sell your own products and services on the Internet from your home, a few important stationeries are a must. The stationery that you choose for your business will help clients form an impression of your company. Making sure that your branding strategy is incorporated into the design will help people recognize your company and understand the message that you’re trying to convey.

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When corresponding with clients and other businesses, business stationery is the first thing they see. Also, when meeting potential clients for the first time at a meeting or conference, business cards are the first thing they see from the company. The main purpose of business stationery is to describe the company in a positive and professional manner. Professional stationery tells clients and potential clients that the business is professional and trust worthy. It is through personalized stationery that a small start-up business reflects their values. Through personalized office stationery, you can make your company identity a unique brand. It’s important that the stationery you choose for your business represents you and matches your personality. Personalized business stationery will allow your business cards, letterhead and notes portray your own personalized image.

Envelopes | Business Stationery Design

In a world where everything is going digital, there’s now something very special about getting mail in the mailbox. And, being the first thing you see, the envelope design is just as important as its contents. A company’s envelopes and letterhead are often the first exposure a company has with potential client or customer. Handwritten return addresses on envelopes are not taken very seriously in the business climate. A custom-designed envelope is a great way to make a good first impression. A great-looking envelope stands out and makes people want to open your letter. Use printed color envelopes with business cards & letterhead for a complete identity package. Add a logo, photo or tagline to enhance your company image.

Business Stationery Design | The Perfect Stationery Wardro...

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Letterhead | Business Stationery Design

There’s a huge difference between receiving a letter on standard blank paper, and getting one that sports a beautifully designed letterhead. A letterhead acts as a marketing opportunity, gives the opportunity for brand engagement and, more than anything else, lend credibility to the words on the page. It’s crucial that your letterhead looks and feels great in the hand, but the design should make way for the content of the letter that’s printed over it.

You’ll want the company’s name, phone number, physical address, and email address, but not much else. Leaving out extra information will keep the look of your letterhead clean and readable. By all mean,s use your design to showcase the content, but don’t try to wrestle it for the reader’s attention. Choosing high-quality paper for your business stationery can make it look more professional. A client will notice the difference between standard photocopier paper and thick, glossy, high-quality paper.

Business cards | Business Stationery Design

The business card is the single most successful networking tool of all time. Why? Because it’s simple, yet effective. As business cards are often handed to prospects and clients, they can be a highly personalized form of marketing. Their multiple design options also provide many opportunities to promote your company in a creative manner. But no matter how you use your business card, it won’t be the marketing workhorse it should be unless it looks professional, is easy to read, and helps clients and prospects remember which services you’re offering and why they should hire you.

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Business Stationery Design | The Perfect Stationery Wardro...

Business cards can help you establish your brand, which makes your company more easily identifiable. Have a professional designer create your business logo. By including your company’s logo and advertising slogan on your card, for instance, you help to reinforce your brand with everyone who sees your card.

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Your business stationary should include color to make it stand out. Matching the colors in your logo to those on your stationery is a great idea for branding purposes. Color is an extremely powerful tool that can make or break your design – but as the saying goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Use color sparingly and make the most of the impact it brings to your letterhead design.

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