Business Stationery Expert Advice | The Secret To Revitalizing Your Photography Business – Your Business Stationery Items!

Business Stationery Expert Advice | The Secret To Revitalizing Your ...

Business Stationery Expert Advice | Many business owners believe that business stationery has been long replaced by emails, websites, and social networks – however, it’s far from being a relic from an ancient era; in fact it can be used even today to not only communicate your message in a more personal and relatable way, but also grow your client base, boost brand exposure, and raise awareness. That might sound like a lot to ask from a stationery packet, but it can be done. All you need is some expert advice, a few industry secrets, and just a pinch of creativity!

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You don’t have to be a paperphile to appreciate the art of a well-crafted business stationery packet, or to tell the difference between a cheap and a luxurious item when you see it. Yet, you’d be amazed just how many photographers out there decide to cut corners when it comes to their business stationery, without realizing it’s doing more damage than they think. Not sure if you should invest in business stationery for your photography business? Or you’re curious what the pros and cons are, and how to get started? Read on!

Dare To Be Different | Business Stationery Expert Advice

We’re all buried under an avalanche of business stationery and marketing collateral each day – so much so, in fact, that we learned to ignore most of the materials that we’re handed. We’re handed an item and we make a decision in a spit second whether to read it right away, store for later use, or throw it away. The bad news is that most of the items end up in the trash can. However, there’s good news: there are quite a few things you can do to ensure your potential clients hold onto your business stationery items, or at least store them for later use.

Business Stationery Expert Advice | The Secret To Revitalizing Your ...

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Since they’ll decide what to do with your stationery in a second or two, you need to make sure your business stationery stands out from all the other items your potential clients are handed. This is why avoiding cheap templates is your safest bet, as they’re being used by countless other businesses, some even in your own area. Think about it: how is your letterhead, business card, or even your flyer supposed to stand out from a pile if it looks like so many other items already out there? If you’re hoping to get noticed, a unique design is the first step.

Pay Attention To Quality | Business Stationery Expert Advice

The fact that cheap templates are being used by many other business owners isn’t even the worst thing about them. Most of these templates are designed and developed by amateurs or complete beginners, and they have all the telltale signs of cheap design. Remember, your business stationery will oftentimes be the first contact a potential client has with you and your business, which means they’ll start forming their opinion of your brand long before they even get a chance to check out your work. Since the last thing you want associated with your brand is the word “cheap,” you’ll want to invest in quality.

Another thing that will make or break your first impression is the quality of the paper you use to print your business stationery. Thicker paper tends to feel more luxurious, and your potential clients will get an impression a reliable and established business from the moment they feel the thick paper in their hands. Cheap paper, on the other hand, will get dented or torn easily, which will tell your potential clients that you don’t really care that much about the quality, whether it’s the paper quality or quality of your work.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify! | Business Stationery Expert Advice

You don’t have to sacrifice the functionality just because you want to make sure your business stationery stands out from even the largest pile. Yet, you’d be amazed how many business owners and inexperienced designers clutter the design of the stationery they’re working on with useless design elements and cheesy special effects that only detract from the content, which is the reason why you’re sending out the stationery in the first place. By keeping the design simple, you’ll push the content front and center, where it belongs!

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Business Stationery Expert Advice | The Secret To Revitalizing Your ...

So, if you’re involved in the design process, ask yourself if an element has a purpose and if it adds any value to your item. If the answer is “No,” then you should leave it out. In addition to leaving out unnecessary elements, you can also limit the number of the elements you leave in. For example, whenever we design business stationery for a client, we try to limit the number of colors we use to 2-3 colors max in order not to clutter the design. We also limit the number of fonts, as the human eye finds it difficult to read multiple fonts at once.

Business Stationery Expert Advice | Website Design –

Choose The Right Information | Business Stationery Expert Advice

Each business stationery item has a different purpose, and as a result, comes in different shape or form. Needless to say, the content of each item will depend on it purpose and the available space. For example, it’s only natural that the information you’ll feature on your business card isn’t the same as the information you’ll feature on a flyer. Take some time to determine which details you’ll need to include to get the most out of each item and leave everything else out.

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