Business Stationery | What Does Your Stationery Say About Your Business?

Business Stationery | What Does Your Stationery Say About...

Business Stationery | Sometimes, small business owners do not place a great deal of emphasis on choosing their business stationery design, and some don’t use any stationery at all in this age of electronic communication and marketing. However, well-designed, professional and attractive business stationery is very important because it not only identifies your business, but it is also an effective marketing tool. Your company stationery captures the essence of your company’s purpose and style. It’s your brand and identity, and it lets your clients know just how professional your company is.

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When corresponding with clients and other businesses, your stationery is one of the first things they will notice. Also, when meeting potential clients for the first time at a meeting or conference, business cards are the first thing they see from the company. Just like business cards, business stationery is no longer used just to provide basic information about your business. Custom stationery will allow your business cards, letterhead, envelopes and notes portray your own personalized image. When you can’t be there to represent your business to a potential client, your stationery can.

It is through custom business stationery that small businesses reflect their values. Through office stationery, you can make your corporate identity a unique brand. Not only does personalized stationery identify you; it also gives you a chance to advertise your company using colors, fonts and graphics that best match your personality.

Contact Information | Business Stationery

Keep in mind that with everything electronic these days, it’s no longer sufficient to have just your company name, mailing address, phone and fax number on your stationery. You must also include your email address, website URL, Facebook account, Twitter account, or any other social media you may use to market your business. You want potential clients to be able to reach you, and providing all of your contact information will also allow potential clients to learn about your business by visiting your website, or Facebook page.

Business Stationery | What Does Your Stationery Say About...

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You have to decide what are the critical pieces of information your stationery should convey, and design using this hierarchy of importance so that the most important information is positioned obviously and accessibly, while less important information can be reduced in size and tucked away.

Logo | Business Stationery

Your company logo, which is the image that identifies your business, should be prominently displayed on each piece of business stationery you order (envelopes, seals, letterhead, etc.). Most business owners put the company logo at the very top of the business letterhead, and the business card. Also, by including a company logo on all your stationery, you will further aid brand awareness.

Brand | Business Stationery

Another idea that will make sure your stationery looks professional and neat is to have a coordinated color scheme for all pieces of stationery. Your letterhead and envelopes have to match. You really don’t want to be “artsy” when it comes to business stationery and go with colors that really don’t go together. Keep it simple, elegant and professional. Choose complementary colors for your stationery, as they look best together. For example, if you use bright colors in your logo, choose bright colors for your stationery. Make sure that you carefully represent the branding when designing your stationery.

Consumers are always willing to purchase from an established brand as their trust will be unfailing, so custom printing stationery items will not only help you build your brand, but also act as a marketing campaign.

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Business Stationery | What Does Your Stationery Say About...

Typeface | Business Stationery

While most businesses will try and stand out from the crowd with their custom printing designs, make sure not to opt for unreadable or complicated typefaces. Clients will be looking for text that is easy on the eye, that can portray information clearly and efficiently. Most business stationery uses Time New Roman, Ariel, Georgia, Calibri or Verdana. You would want to avoid Gothic-like, or calligraphy-like typefaces, unless, of course, those particular typefaces match what your company sells or serves.

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Paper | Business Stationery

The last decision you’ll have to make after choosing contact information, logo, typeface choices and color scheme is the type of paper you want to use for your business stationery. It’s important to use only the most premium paper or highest quality stock for your business correspondence. You must choose a sturdy paper, known as “professional stock paper”, because flimsy, less expensive paper will look cheap and the ink may bleed. As long as it’s thick and the texture is luxurious, you will certainly make the right impression on clients.

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