Business Website Design Trends | The Future Of Small Business Websites – Guide To Understanding And Adapting To Trends

Business Website Design Trends | The Future Of Small Business Websites

Business Website Design Trends | The design of your website is a vitally important part of your business’ marketing strategy – not to mention your sales and customer service efforts as well. And, just like you’re trying to keep on top of marketing updates and trends like the savvy marketer you are, you also have to make sure you’re keeping up with the latest design trends.

Business Website Design Trends | Website Design –

If you’re thinking about redesigning your website this year, you probably need to know what all goes towards building an appealing and highly effective web design. It’s always a great idea to begin considering design features as early as possible, so today, we’ll boil down some of the most popular web design trends that emerged this year. It is here that you can find true innovation and new opportunities for your small business to stand out – a few of which may completely change our understanding of a “modern website.”

Fullscreen Backgrounds Will Hook Your Visitors In | Business Website Design Trends

Imagery still plays a crucial role in digital communication, whether it’s an eCommerce store, photography portfolio or just a simple blog. People use images to engage users and reinforce the message they are trying to communicate. While background imagery continues to be hot and new, full screen video backgrounds continue to grow in popularity as well. The downside of this trend, however, is the possible extended load time. Many websites solve this problem by beautifully designed loading screens but it doesn’t change the fact that the visitors still have to wait for the full experience to load.

Business Website Design Trends | The Future Of Small Business Websites

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Ghost Buttons Are Here To Stay | Business Website Design Trends

Ghost buttons are a minimal and appealing interface feature that can grab the user’s attention in a subtle way. With a smart hover animation, it is a pleasure to use and adds a touch of elegance to any website, especially when used with full screen video backgrounds. This creates a simpler aesthetic by allowing icons and buttons to appear lighter and act as support to larger and more colorful photography or illustrations. It has also become an essential part of the flat interface style that has grown popular in the past few years.

Micro-Interactions Bring Your Story To Life | Business Website Design Trends

There’s a lot of buzz online at the moment about how businesses should try to tell better stories to connect with their target audience. The problem is, while this advice is generally good, it also places a lot of pressure on business owners to try to work out what their story actually is, and even more importantly: how to tell it. Good user experience and Web design is all in the details, and today’s users are more likely to notice the subtle interactions in a website. Small animations engage visitors and make the content more immersive. Not only can animations be fun, but they are becoming more meaningful and informative.

Bigger, Bolder, Better | Business Website Design Trends

Website design can easily be seen as a new art form that weaves photography, illustration, animation, typography, color, form, and line for truly engaging experience, and typography greatly affects usability and the overall aesthetics of the website. It is also one of the ways to deliver the brand message in a more memorable way. In 2015, we’re seeing more of bold fonts, as well as responsive typography that provides a better reading experience. Large typography is a great way to boost the visual hierarchy of any page by ensuring visitors read the largest text on the page first, because that is what grabs our attention first.

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Business Website Design Trends | The Future Of Small Business Websites

One-Page Scrolling Instead of Clicking | Business Website Design Trends

Scrolling website design, which is when all the information about your company, services and more is on one page, has its critics, mainly because of its potential effect on search engine friendliness and how one-page design is implemented. But there’s no denying that it’s becoming more popular. It’s far easier to scroll than it is to click, especially on mobile devices, where you can scroll wildly with your thumb. As a result, we should expect more and more websites to be built around scrolling first, and clicking second. And of course, that’s exactly what we’ve seen everywhere.

Business Website Design Trends | Website Design –

There have been no groundbreaking changes in 2015, but some trends that started getting traction in 2014 have continue growing and affecting more people while others will slowly fade away. Web design is evolving very quickly and, most importantly, it adapts to people’s behavior and technology advancements, which means you’ll need to keep up in order to provide your visitors with the most optimal experience possible.

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