Business Website Tips | Five Website Design Tips to Help Your Small Business Go BIG

Business Website Tips | Five Website Design Tips to Help Yo...

Business Website Tips | Research shows that the first place most of consumers turn for information on local businesses is the internet. That means your existing and potential customers are looking for you online, be it from their laptops, or tablets and other mobile devices. In other words, your business has to be online. A well-designed website can be the key difference that makes a customer choose to stay, browse and buy instead of moving on to a competitor’s website. That means your website is a make-or-break chance to turn a new visitor into a potential customer down the road. If you don’t have a dedicated website for your small business, you are not alone, but you are in grave danger to fall further behind your competition.

Business Website Tips | Website Design –

You might be slowly building a fan base on Facebook, sharing small bits of content on Twitter, or posting images to Pinterest. But without a digital home, you’re scattering your efforts and missing an amazing opportunity to engage and connect with your existing and potential customers through a dedicated website. How can you make your website an enticing place? Here are our tips for improving key aspects of your business website.

Keep the design simple, and unique | Business Website Tips

If you are using an off-the-shelf template and your website looks like thousands of other websites on the Internet, you’ll miss an opportunity to create a unique impression. Why would a potential customer remember your website when he or she has seen dozens of other websites that look just like yours?

Put some real thought into website design, so customers can navigate it easily. Both the search engines and your website visitors prefer a website that is well structured. People, so frequently rushing to find the specific information they are looking for, rarely read through web pages, but rather scan headings and lists to find the detailed sections of interest. Organize your website and everyone will thank you.

Business Website Tips | Five Website Design Tips to Help Yo...

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Content is key | Business Website Tips

Many people measure a website´s success by the number of visitors it gets. Ask yourself, why would potential customers come to your website? Do you offer interesting and informative content related to your product or service? You’re selling a product or service. Make sure that you clearly showcase that product or service on your homepage. You can have a great site design, but if your product photos look bad, your potential customers will think twice about doing business with you.

Keep it current | Business Website Tips

Having lots of content is great – but if it is all three years old it´s not going to look like your website is much of a priority. It’s a proven fact that changing content draws customers back. One easy way to renew your content without a lot of code changes is by starting a blog. The search engines actually monitor how frequently your website changes as they visit it for indexing. The more often it changes the better your rank in the freshness category.

Make branding professional and consistent | Business Website Tips

A strong brand identity is vital, because you want your website to look as professional as possible, and instill confidence in potential customers. Remember, the most successful marketing reflects brand consistency. Select a design, color scheme, logo, and other brand elements very carefully. You not only want these elements to reflect your product or service, you also need them to remain consistent across all platforms and marketing materials.

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Business Website Tips | Five Website Design Tips to Help Yo...

Incorporate memorable elements of your brand into your website, such as your logo, company color scheme, and choice of fonts. Make your logo visible on your home page and put it on all subsequent pages to promote your brand. Your website should have a professional look that matches your brand. Use colors that go with your logo colors, choose one or two fonts and use them consistently across the website, and make sure graphics or photos complement each other and look professional. If in doubt, keep it simple.

Business Website Tips | Website Design –

Don’t forget search engine optimization | Business Website Tips

Always bear search engine optimization in mind. Photos and splashy graphics may look nice, but likely won’t be read by search engines. Follow the recommendations of the search engines – most set out rules that outline what they would like to see in a web site. In order for search engines to understand what’s on your web page and better connect you to potential customers, you need to have your most important information and keywords included in your website. Keep your page titles descriptive, keyword-rich and specific, and pay attention to meta keywords. They should always match search terms used by your target audience.

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