Clever Photography Logo Ideas | The Go-Getter’s Guide To Photography Logo Design

Clever Photography Logo Ideas | The Go-Getter’s Guide To Photography ...

Clever Photography Logo Ideas | We’ve been designing logos for more than ten years now, and we slowly shifted closer towards photography logos with each year. What we came to realize in the process is that photographers, being a part of a creative industry themselves, have a slightly different approach to the task at hand than the owners of other types of businesses, for better or for worse. While there are major benefits of working with photographers, such as interesting and informative input and creative ideas, there are some dangerous drawbacks.

Clever Photography Logo Ideas | Website Design –

New photographers are joining the industry on a daily basis, making photography one of the most saturated industries out there, which means you can’t afford to overlook any aspect of your business, especially the face of your entire brand – your logo! So, what are some of the most common mistakes photographers make, and what can you do to avoid making the same mistakes? Read on to find out!

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery… Except It’s Not! | Clever Photography Logo Ideas

When considering having a logo designed, most people will take a look at the most successful brands in their field, especially if they’re having a logo designed for the first time. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this – what’s important is that you take a look, figure out what’s already out there, and then find an opening for something new. The goal here is to come up with a logo that gets you noticed, so don’t copy, imitate, or even parody other photography logos, otherwise you might end up blending right into the crowd. You’re a part of a creative industry, so make sure your logo showcases that!

Clever Photography Logo Ideas | The Go-Getter’s Guide To Photography ...

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Being Unique Isn’t Necessarily A Good Thing | Clever Photography Logo Ideas

Creative logos are incredibly difficult feat to achieve – sure, everyone can come up with a basic, generic design and then keep adding cheesy design elements and complex shadows and 3D effects to make sure the logo is unique. This will definitely make your logo stand out, but it might make it stand out for all the wrong reasons. Creating overly complex logos isn’t the best idea, as the design might look perfectly fine on your computer screen, but when the time comes to print the logo on your business cards or other smaller collateral, it’s more than likely to turn into an unrecognizable smudge.

Versatility Is Crucial | Clever Photography Logo Ideas

So, in order to ensure your logo works across different platforms and on various materials, you will want to make sure the design isn’t too complex. However, there are other things you can (And should!) pay attention to if you’re hoping to end up with a versatile logo. For example, if you’re using color in your logo, keep in mind that in certain situations you won’t be able to use the full-color version. Will your logo be just as effective when used in black and white?

Using color isn’t a bad thing, as it convey a particular message and even evoke an emotional response. However, if you do have color in your logo, don’t rely solely on color to convey your message, otherwise your logo will be ineffective when you fax a document to a potential client or copy something with your logo on it. In addition to ensuring the logo works when the color is removed, you’ll also want to limit the number of colors you use to 2-3. Using any more colors and you risk ending up with a cluttered logo that only overwhelms the viewer.

Including Your Name Isn’t Narcissistic… And We Know You Kinda Want To Do It Anyway! | Clever Photography Logo Ideas

There are two major elements of a logo – the graphic symbol and the name of the business. While there are companies using only the symbol, such as Twitter and Starbucks, keep in mind they invested endless amounts of time and money into building brand awareness. If you’re just starting out, chances are you don’t have Twitter’s marketing budget (Just yet, anyway!), so you’ll want to make sure you include the name of your business in your logo. This will help your potential clients figure out which business the logo represents, and once your brand gains enough traction, you can drop the name.

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Clever Photography Logo Ideas | The Go-Getter’s Guide To Photography ...

Aim For A Timeless Design | Clever Photography Logo Ideas

Another common mistake business owners in general, not just photographers, make is mindlessly following the latest design trends just for the sake of coming up with a trendy logo. What they realize (Only when it’s too late!) is that trendy logos start feeling outdated a lot sooner than they thought, which is the last thing you want to happen to your logo. Instead of following the trends that, just like in the fashion industry, come and go each season, you will want to come up with a logo that’s an accurate representation of your brand.

Clever Photography Logo Ideas | Website Design –

Don’t expect instant success, either. Many business owners get frustrated quickly because their new logo didn’t take off as quickly as they expected, so they decide to revamp the design and start from scratch. It’s important to note that it takes the average person to see a logo up to seven times to remember it, so give your logo enough time to gain traction, and try not to change it too often. Small tweaks here and there are perfectly fine, but completely overhauling the design can do more damage than good, as it might alienate your existing clients and confuse potential ones.

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