Content Marketing Strategies | What’s Good Content, How Do You Create It And Who Should You Be Creating It For?

Content Marketing Strategies | What’s Good Content, How Do...

Content Marketing Strategies | Would you like to generate more leads, sales, and business? Want to improve conversions and effectively establish your brand? Two words: content marketing, a niche that’s becoming more and more relevant in a digital era. Small businesses particularly need to make the most of content marketing as a means to attract new customers, clients and visitors on a variety of platforms. Marketing consistently, in good times and in bad, is key to a steady growth pattern.

Content Marketing Strategies | Website Design –

First things first – be true to your clients by creating content to build conversations. Launch a consistent, relevant content marketing strategy to boost brand awareness. If done right, a well-executed digital campaign will yield considerable benefits for both established businesses and entrepreneurs. Such a strategy has the power to position a business as a topical authority and establish the owners as experts.

Know your audience and keep the content relevant | Content Marketing Strategies

Each market has a unique identity and audience, so take time to research the demographics of the target audience you want to reach. The tone and style of the content should be directed towards your key demographics. For example, you’d use a very different approach marketing to teens as opposed to baby boomers. Direct your message to the reader and be sure to personalize it by using the word “you.” In this way your posts directly address and pique the interest of your target audience.

Define your most important channel | Content Marketing Strategies

When it comes to distributing content it’s important to know how the majority of users are accessing the content you share. In most cases it’s your website or blog, which then branches out to social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. Encourage potential clients to follow your brand on social platforms by posting highly shareable content. The more shares, the wider your net becomes — and with little effort from you. Before you post, ask yourself, “If I didn’t have a vested interest in my specific business, would I want to share this information with a friend?”

Content Marketing Strategies | What’s Good Content, How Do...

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Provide content that answers your clients’ questions | Content Marketing Strategies

You can use SEO, keywords and other strategies to improve your rankings and get people to find your stuff online — but how effective are you once you get their eyes and ears? How good is your content? Remember, content should be entertaining and informative. If you don’t have something to say, wait until you do. It’s clear when content is fluff and your business deserves better.

Image-centric content rules | Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing often refers to text, but it can also be infographics, videos or images. A good mix of all these elements can engage visitors and draw them in. More and more, marketers are leading towards images instead of text. Using attractive and well-placed images within your blog and social media posts, as well as using infographics to drive traffic and build inbound links, are both now common practices among businesses who understand the importance of imagery.

Be consistent | Content Marketing Strategies

As a small business owner, you’re probably still trying to figure out your brand, message and style. As this develops, make sure your content aligns with it. It should look like it’s written from the same entity, your company, and should showcase consistency throughout. When creating your content strategy, make sure to decide on the frequency of your content and stick to it. Your readers, once engaged, will expect to receive information from you on a steady basis. If this doesn’t occur, they will disengage.

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Content Marketing Strategies | What’s Good Content, How Do...

Leverage SEO | Content Marketing Strategies

A good content marketing strategy geared toward the right audience is pointless if it doesn’t reach this audience. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best free ways to get valuable potential clients to your website. SEO involves incorporating keywords that people search for into your material. This way, your content will show up in search engine results and reach the computer or smartphone screens of your target audience.

Content Marketing Strategies | Website Design –

Keep It Simple | Content Marketing Strategies

Don’t bore your audience down with information that is technical and difficult to understand. Focus on the outcomes — what problems does your audience have that you can fix? Also, keep in mind that people will be reading online content on a number of devices such as smartphones and tablets. They need white space to breathe, so don’t be afraid to put content in short, digestible chunks. Big blocks of text will turn readers off.

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