Content Marketing Tips | Are You Hungry for ‘Snackable Content’?

Content Marketing Tips | Are You Hungry for 'Snackable Con...

Content Marketing Tips | Successful marketers know that content marketing simply works; it is a proven approach to help businesses achieve their key marketing objectives. The phrase “content marketing” is all over the web these days. Content has become a collection of many things: blog posts, webinars, social network shares, videos and more. With more business owners focusing on content creation and more people using social media websites, every piece of content you share has to break through the clutter and grab your audience in a way that makes them choose your business over one that comes from your competition.

Content Marketing Tips | Website Design –

Some people may hate the term, but there’s no doubt that content marketing has caught on big time. As many people point out, there isn’t anything especially new in the concept of using content to attract clients, but what’s new is that content marketing roles are being created, and teams are being restructured. If done right, a well-executed digital campaign will produce considerable benefits for both established businesses and small business owners. Such a strategy has the power to position a business as an industry authority and establish the owners and executives as experts. Do your research. Write a plan. Be consistent. The following tips will help digital marketers create a new content strategy – or fine-tune an existing one.

Know your goals | Content Marketing Tips

What are you trying to achieve? More leads? Sales? Brand awareness? This is important to know before beginning your work. Creating a successful campaign isn’t as easy as it seems, and it takes a bit more effort than pressing a button. Depending on your business goals, time needs to be spent aligning your company’s brand’s online persona with your clients’ needs. Your goals will dictate the content you share and how successful you deem it to be once you begin to measure and analyze results.

Content Marketing Tips | Are You Hungry for 'Snackable Con...

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Know your audience | Content Marketing Tips

Your content marketing strategy has to be tailored to your target audience. For most companies, there’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Have you done the hard work to learn more about your clients? Do you know what your clients need from you? What can your product or service do to help them? Developing a deep understanding of your client’s needs will help you develop content that will resonate with them.

Each social network has a unique identity and audience, so take time to research the demographics of the social marketing platforms you use to share. All sites are not the same. Check what your clients are sharing on different social media websites. By making your content relevant to your clients, they may pass it along as well and become your advocate, awarding you with free, yet most valuable, marketing.

Create Relevant, Fresh Content | Content Marketing Tips

Businesses that only market during special promotional periods have an increased risk of failure. And this is especially true for small businesses, as the stakes are high. Marketing consistently, in good times and in bad, is crucial to a steady growth pattern. Reduce the inconsistent nature of small business growth by producing fresh content that maps directly to your social strategy.

Your content must be interesting to your target audience. The bottom line is every piece of content should give the clients value and leave them happy they had read it. Yet, it’s key that you are consistently and frequently posting. There needs to be a balance, which is slightly different for every business based on your resources, industry, and audience.

A good content marketer has many different types of content in his arsenal. Don’t focus on one type; keep things interesting and exciting by producing blog posts, articles, e-Books, whitepapers, infographics, videos, presentations, and more.

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Content Marketing Tips | Are You Hungry for 'Snackable Con...

Write for humans, but think of SEO | Content Marketing Tips

We’re all human, so we naturally connect with content that speaks to us – content that has personality and a voice that makes us feel like we are talking with someone, not something. However, rememeber the true objective of your posts, and incorporate the SEO guidelines that will take your post up the search rankings. All of your content should have a purpose. Do you want your readers to opt-in to your email newsletter? Ask. Use a really short and simple call-to-action that makes it clear exactly what you want your readers to do.

Content Marketing Tips | Website Design –

Measure once and then again | Content Marketing Tips

Track the comments and responses to your posts. When you share links on social media platforms, use the many free metrics tools to decipher which of your posts were on track. You can use the data to experiment with your publishing schedule, and to publish articles at the best time for maximum impact. If a platform or content type isn’t working for you, be sure to put effort into the ones that are, and ditch the ones that aren’t.

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