Corporate Branding Tips | Brand Identity – How To Create Your Company’s Most Powerful Tool

Corporate Branding Tips | Brand Identity - How To Create Your

Corporate Branding Tips | Branding is just as vital for small businesses as it is for big shots. What’s great is that you don’t necessarily need an unlimited budget to build your brand. You may think of logos, labels, advertising and catchy taglines when defining what a brand is. All those things are important parts that make up a brand, but it’s more than that. A brand is a bond between your business and your clients. What steps are you taking to brand your business name in an unforgettable way? If you are not a brand, you are a commodity. Get smart about branding and you’ll quickly be on track to make your brand a household name!

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Branding is a way of defining your business to yourself, your team and your potential clients. It could be called the business’ “identity”, as it embodies the core of what the business is and its values, not just what it looks and sounds like. A brand is more than a trademark. It is a trustmark. Small business branding builds an emotional bond between your business and your clients based on your product’s or service’s promise of quality. Here are some small business branding tactics that don’t require a big budget.

Know Specifically Why You’re In Business | Corporate Branding Tips

In today’s crowded marketplace, you don’t want to be a “jack of all trades, master of none.” While it may be tempting to offer clients a wide menu of products and services, it’s important to keep your brand focused. What does your business stand for that sets your products and services apart from those of your competitors? You have to give your clients a reason to do business with you and feel good about their decision. Your brand promise is powerful. It’s the statement you make to your clients and target audience that lets them know what to expect every time they interact with you and your employees, products and services.

Corporate Branding Tips | Brand Identity - How To Create Your

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Get Your Name And Logo Right | Corporate Branding Tips

This is vital to brand recognition and it’s crucial to get it right the first time, because changing your name and logo can be costly later on. To this end, it’s critical to have a good business name that’s easy to spell, pronounce and remember. Before you dive in, check that it’s not already being used by another company. Your logo and name should be easily recognizable and convey the nature and tone of your business as well as appeal to your target market.

Be Consistent | Corporate Branding Tips

It’s essential to represent your firm in a constant way everywhere, because it takes multiple impressions before potential and existing clients recognize your brand. To build and maintain a strong brand, every element of it should be as good as your product or service and you must be consistent in presenting your brand. This includes not only your company’s name, logo, overall aesthetic design, products and services, but also includes your marketing materials, website, appearances at trade shows and conferences, content posted to social networks, etc. From business cards and logo to email newsletters and brick-and-mortar signage, all of your printed communications and sales materials should look, feel and sound like they come from the same source.

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Corporate Branding Tips | Brand Identity - How To Create Your

Success Now Depends On Who Knows You | Corporate Branding Tips

From the 1950s through the 1980s, success in American business was dictated based on “what you knew” as a professional. Starting with this new decade of 2010-2020, sure success will be driven by “who knows you.” Creating a brand voice and social media strategy is crucial, so it’s vital to create a profile for your brand on select social media platforms where your clients spend their time. Next, create compelling content that emotionally connect with and motivate your clients to love your brand and buy from it! LinkedIn and other social media channels can provide a valuable way to present your brand, and engage with existing and potential clients.

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Be True To Your Brand | Corporate Branding Tips

Clients won’t return to you, or refer you to someone else, if you don’t deliver on your brand promise. Strong brands possess credible, relevant and distinctive brand promises. That said, create a brand promise, deliver on it and provide an exceptional customer experience. You’ll end up creating brand advocates who will sing your praises and help build your brand.

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