Creative Business Ideas | 5 Tips To Help Your Photography Business Survive And Thrive In 2014

Creative Business Ideas | 5 Tips To Help Your Photography...

Creative Business Ideas | Photography is your passion and we totally get it. If you’re thinking of taking this passion a few steps further into starting your own photography business, we have a few key tips and recommendations you should consider before diving in. It’s one thing to get a shoot now and then, and another to create and maintain a commercial photography business. Taking pictures is only a small part of the professional photographer’s business. Professional photography is very competitive, but there are a number of steps small business owners can take to stand out in a crowded market.

Creative Business Ideas | Website Design –

Here are five creative business ideas that can help you naturally attract more clients simply by changing a few basic things about the way you think, act and present yourself. Believe it or not, these really do matter, and can make the difference between a thriving photography studio or being on the verge of extinction…

Choose a specialization | Creative Business Ideas

The very first thing you need to decide when starting your business is who you want your clients to be. Photographers can be roughly divided into two main categories, although many photographers dabble in both: assignment photography (photography projects or assignments ordered by a client: weddings, family celebrations, portraits, commercial, pet photography, food), or stock photography (photography shot for the purpose of being sold and can be licensed through stock photo agencies). Once you have this figured out, then everything you do from that point will be to attract potential clients. Find out where they are and get on their radar.

Creative Business Ideas | 5 Tips To Help Your Photography...

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People Skills Are The Most Important Skills | Creative Business Ideas

Even if you’re a landscape photographer, your clients are people. And the better you can work with, and take care of, the people you do business with, more successful you’ll be. It’s a commonly known fact that the majority of our communication occurs through non-verbal means such as body language, gestures, posture, facial expressions, and eye contact. You have to take special care not to come across as abrupt, or give the mistaken impression that the potential client is disturbing or interrupting you in some way if they happen to call or visit the photography studio unannounced.

Have an excellent portfolio | Creative Business Ideas

Being able to present concrete examples of your work is crucial for landing new projects. Potential clients will always want to see proof of your talent, so they can be sure they will be getting their money’s worth. If you have not yet completed enough projects to create an outstanding portfolio, start by choosing your best existing photos to showcase. It may be a good idea to set up a few projects for free to get more great photos. Professional presentation of your work is critical, and if you are not prepared to spend money on it, you will not stand out. If you expect people to pay top dollar, you have to be able to show them they will receive high-quality service. It took us years to build our own portfolio, and it’s still a work in progress.

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Creative Business Ideas | 5 Tips To Help Your Photography...

Set your rate | Creative Business Ideas

It’s definitely fair to say that the subject of pricing is the source of many frustrations for photography business owners. It is important that you have a basic rate to refer to, so you can assert your value when you get approached by potential clients. It’s better to have a starting point than to leave it to the client alone to set the terms. It is absolutely essential that you believe in the value and benefits of what you’re offering, and you must be confident in the prices you’re asking. This means that there must be no doubt that your fees represent good value for the client. If you don’t know your worth, nobody else will.

Creative Business Ideas | Website Design –

Have a modern website | Creative Business Ideas

The web is an amazing place for low budget marketing, as long as you’re willing to invest some time and hard work. There are some terrible websites out there with photographers names on them. Terrible! You don’t have to spend a lot, but you do have to spend a bit. Apart from being an expert photographer, you’ll need to learn all about search engine optimization and social networking websites to promote your services. Social media can drive your business far if you really get into it. We all have our own websites where we prefer to post. Maybe this is a blog, something on Facebook, or Twitter. Whatever it is, do it regularly!

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