Creative Business Stationery Designs | Five Simple Design Hacks To Boost The Effectiveness Of Your Stationery

Creative Business Stationery Designs | Five Simple Design Hacks To ...

Creative Business Stationery Designs | For a second there, the entire world believed that print was on its way out. The introduction of email, eBook readers and other mobile devices rendered printed materials obsolete. Or did it? After the novelty wore out, we’re witnessing the great return of the good old physical books and more business owners are realizing the power of good business stationery. Just like business cards, business stationery is no longer used just to provide basic information about yourself and your small business.

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Effective business stationery can do much more than simply help you convey a message or provide a potential client with your contact details. It can help you reinforce your brand, lend credibility to the words on the page, and act as a great marketing opportunity. To help you get the most out of your stationery items, we took a look at the design elements that can add that extra punch to any item and help it stand out. Read on to find out which elements are most important and how you can use them to your advantage!

Who, What, Where, How | Creative Business Stationery Designs

Business stationery is first and foremost a communication tool and you need to treat it as such. It covers everything from your business card and letterhead to the personalized envelopes and thank you notes, but the main purpose of each item is to deliver a message. Once the message is delivered, you’ll want to hear back from the recipient, which is why it’s vitally important you include your contact details. Keep in mind, though, that each item has specific restrictions and requirements, so you’ll need to choose which details are most appropriate for each item, because some will not be large enough to accommodate all the information you want to include.

Creative Business Stationery Designs | Five Simple Design Hacks To ...

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So, what’s most important? For starters, make sure you include your name! Picking up the phone to call a company without knowing who’s going to be on the other side is awkward, and it might turn off your potential clients. Also, your phone number and your email address should definitely be on your stationery items. Keep in mind that not everyone prefers phone calls, so giving your potential clients a few different ways of reaching you might boost your chances of success. Of course, the name of your business and its logo are the norm, so you’ll want those as well.

For Font’s Sake, Make It Readable | Creative Business Stationery Designs

Another feature of effective communication tools is readability. We get it, you stumbled upon a stunning hand-written font while browsing the Internet and you instantly fell in love, but if it’s too complex or difficult to read, it definitely doesn’t belong on your stationery items. The last thing you want is to have a potential client sitting there trying to decipher your message or your contact details. Whenever we’re designing personalized stationery items for our clients, we stick to 2-3 simple, easy to read fonts. The human eye finds it difficult to scan multiple fonts at once, so choose a few fonts you will use consistently throughout your items.

Show Your True Colors | Creative Business Stationery Designs

Color is one of the most important elements, no matter what you’re designing. It can make your stationery items stand out from even the largest pile, but it can also help you emphasize important elements and communicate a particular message. However, just like with the fonts, you’ll want to limit your selection to 2-3 colors that are appropriate for your brand and actually work well together. Too many random colors will make your stationery stand out for sure, but it might be for all the wrong reasons. And lastly, when it comes to the colors you use, keep in mind that there needs to be plenty of contrast between the background the content. Light gray text on a white background is the perfect recipe for a disaster.

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Creative Business Stationery Designs | Five Simple Design Hacks To ...

Leave Plenty Of White Space | Creative Business Stationery Designs

White space refers to blank areas in your design, and it’s a definitely an element you’ll want to pay special attention to. It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised just how many people get carried away and clutter up their stationery items. Sure, you want a creative and unique stationery package, but if the design of the stationery overshadows your message, it will be a wasted investment. Remember, the more important something is, the more white space you need to include around it to make it stand out. Not only can white space help emphasize certain areas, but it can also break up larger chunks of text and make the content look more organized.

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Invest In High Quality Stock | Creative Business Stationery Designs

Once you’re done with the design and you’re ready to order your items, do your research and check the available paper stocks for each item. Your potential clients will definitely notice the difference between cheep office paper and thicker, high-quality paper stock. This small detail can be enough to change the perception of your company in the mind of your target audience, no matter how amazing the design is. Think about it: if you hand out a business card to a potential client that gets torn or dented easily, what kind of a message will that send about the quality of the products or services you’re providing?

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