Creative Photography Logo Tips | What Makes A Great Photography Logo? Top Industry Secrets You Need To Know About

Creative Photography Logo Tips | What Makes A Great Photography ...

Creative Photography Logo Tips | While most business owners have come to realize the importance of having a great logo, there’s still one industry where business owners fail to grasp the full potential of a powerful logo, especially when just starting out. That’s right, photographers, I’m talking about you! Now, before you start clutching your pearls and angry-emailing us (Something I’ve done on numerous occasions, and I’m not even ashamed to admit!), I wholeheartedly agree with you – the very best representation of your business and your brand is your imagery.

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The problem with that is that your imagery isn’t the first thing a potential client sees – it’s your logo, whether it’s on your business card, in an online or a printed ad, or even plastered on your car; which means that once they get to your photos, they already have a preconceived notion of who you are and what you stand for. If you’re using a poorly designed logo, they might not even bother checking out your portfolio. A good logo, on the other hand, will grab the attention of your target audience, interest them in your work, and usher them into the world of your brand and your unique style. Oh boy, that sounds like a lot to ask from a single piece of graphic design. But it can be done, and we’ve got the scoop!

Don’t Cut Corners On Your First Impression! | Creative Photography Logo Tips

We live in an age of short attention span (Or in the words of my niece – Girl, if you can’t say it in 140 characters or less, I’m not listening!), so you’ve got only a few moments to grab the attention of a potential client and get them to pay attention. If you miss the opportunity, you can bet your margarita shaker you’re not getting a second chance. This is exactly why using cheap logo templates is really dangerous – not only do they have all the signs of amateur design, but they’re also being used by other photographers as well, and to top it all off, they tend to be generic in order to be able to apply to as many brands as possible.

Creative Photography Logo Tips | What Makes A Great Photography ...

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As a result, logo templates fail to convey the nature of any brand – unless you’re gunning for that generic, blah effect. In other words, using premade logo templates might be doing more damage to your business than you realize. After all, how likely are you to stand out if your potential clients feel as if they’ve already seen your logo on countless business cards and cheesy ads? You’re a part of an incredibly creative industry, for the love of God, so make sure every aspect of your business shows that, especially your brand elements!

Hope For The Best, Prepare For The Worst | Creative Photography Logo Tips

No matter how appealing your logo looks on your computer screen, if it doesn’t adapt to every platform and material it’s being used on, it won’t do you much good. Having a logo that looks stunning only in a certain size and in full color is like putting your makeup in front of your bathroom mirror (And being darn proud of yourself!), only to realize it’s not nearly as on fleek in day light as you thought it would be and you have to spend the entire day explaining to horrified coworkers what happened.

Don’t let yourself end up in a situation where you have to explain to a potential client when handing them your business card that your logo doesn’t usually look as bad on other materials. Instead, make sure the design is simple enough that it looks just as good whether you use it on a roadside billboard or a business card. But it’s not just the complexity of the design that will affect the usability of your logo. Another critical element that can make or break your logo is the color.

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Creative Photography Logo Tips | What Makes A Great Photography ...

Don’t Rely On Color Too Much | Creative Photography Logo Tips

Color is an incredibly powerful tool when used right: it can grab the attention of your potential clients, bring your design to life, and even convey a particular message without using a single word. Make sure that you do your research before settling for a color scheme – each color has a particular meaning, and the last thing you want is to convey the wrong message because of a single brush stroke. The meaning of colors varies from one part of the world to another, so if you’re trying to build an international brand, that’s another thing you need to keep in mind.

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However, at the end of the day, your logo will be used on a variety of materials and platforms, some of which will have considerable restrictions. For example, if you’re copying or faxing a contract to a potential client, your logo needs to be just as effective even when the color is removed, so if you rely on color to communicate a message, you need to find a way to convey the same message even when you use a grayscale or black version of your logo. This is exactly why using gradients and shadows in your logo isn’t always the best idea – instead, limiting your selection to 2-3 solid colors will make your life a lot easier, and boost your logo’s usability.

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